Effective, Responsive, & Transparent Government

Welcome to the City of Modesto's Community Dashboard for the Effective, Responsive, and Transparent Government Strategic Commitment. This commitment explores enhancing the City's commitment to the 9 principles of EMBRACE IT, developing new and creative methods to leverage technology, marketing organizational strengths and remaining dedicated to seeking efficiencies and continuous improvement. A quarterly snapshot of the City's progress in attaining key outcomes in this area is captured below. This Dashboard reinforces our steadfast commitment to effective, responsive, and transparent government. Through this Community Dashboard and other performance measurement initiatives we are tracking and reporting our overall progress toward our Strategic Plan.

Initiatives & Outcome Measures


Effective, Responsive, & Transparent Government

Enhance the marketing of City services and accomplishments
Improve teamwork through enhanced Council, executive level, and staff communication channels
Make Modesto an employer of choice Conduct succession/workforce planning including development of recruitment and retention strategies
Implement technology solutions for improved efficiency and service delivery

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Launched May 17th 2016 (Period 5/1/16-3/30/17)

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