Public Works - Tagging Abatements

Performance Measure

 % of public right of way tagging abatements within 48 hours



Analysis of Performance*

Metric Definition*

This indicator measures the amount of time to respond to and abate both reported and unreported graffiti in the City. The goal is to have graffiti properly abated within 48 hours.


Tracking response time to abate tagging is part of the overall process to defeat and deter tagging. Tagging generally includes any type of writings, drawings or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the owner. Tagging is a crime and when left unchecked, can contribute to the deterioration of our neighborhoods and the beauty of Modesto, as well as it can be the tipping point leading to increased crime in an area.

Impact on Performance*

High - The City’s Tagging Abatement team plays a high impact role by proactively searching for new graffiti throughout the City in day-to-day operations. In addition, the public can notify the Abatement team through a 24-hour hotline, an on-line reporting system, and a smart phone reporting application.


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