Public Works - Fleet Availability

Performance Measure

Improve Fleet availability rate



Analysis of Performance*

Fleet availability is calculated by determining how much preventative maintenance and repair time is spent on all units to ensure safe operation. Current availability rate stands at 92%.

Metric Definition*

Work Orders provide a historical log of all expenses, parts, type of work performed on each unit and unit down time. Employee Labor Capture provides technician labor hours spent on each unit and/or work order which tracks the efficiency of each technician.


Excessive preventative maintenance and equipment down time determine the need for unit replacement to:  reduce maintenance costs, increase staff productivity, ensure safe operation and to increase fleet availability.

Impact on Performance*

This determines the amount of time a city worker is without an essential piece of equipment which renders them unable to be efficient and perform their daily duties, to complete projects and to provide services to the public.


  • Analysis of Performance: Explains how data results are  displayed, anomalies, or other points that went into generating the numbers.
  • Metric Definition: Identifies what constitutes the metric and identifies combined classifications
  • Importance: Tells why the metric is important and how it is useful, or, what will it help the City accomplish or understand by knowing
  • Impact on Performance: States how this measure is an indicator of or influencer on the delivery of service?