Parks, Recreation & Neighborhoods

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Parks and Recreation COVID-19 Update

In accordance with a new directive that came out of the Stanislaus County Health Office, all public facilities will now be closed through May 3rd.  This includes City Hall, community centers, parks, golf courses, all recreation programming, facility and park reservations.   

Parks are closed.  Parks staff will not be servicing any amenities in the parks, but will continue to pick up litter and ensure there are no safety hazards.  As a friendly reminder, park restrooms, playgrounds, sport fields and courts, dog parks and skate parks are all closed.  During this time we encourage adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines, such as social distancing, staying at home when possible and no gatherings of 10 or more.

Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department  

The dedicated employees of the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department can be found throughout the community.  We are the people who plan, develop and rent parks and facilities throughout the City. We plan programming for all residents, young, old and in-between. We coordinate and register you for sports programs, such as: Adult Softball, Jr. Giants and swim lessons.

We manage and recruit volunteers for special events and city-wide clean-ups, such as: Love Modesto and trail maintenance. We partner with local neighborhoods and businesses to better the community and leverage assets, such as: Modesto Band of Stanislaus County (MoBand) and Modesto City Schools. We run programming at remote sites, such as: Maddux Youth Center, Neighborhood Center at Marshal Park and the Senior Citizen’s Center. We pride ourselves in creating community through people, parks and programs.

Through the department’s divisions, a service delivery system has been established that reflects the City Council’s strategic plan. We strive to meet and exceed the open space and recreation needs and address the priorities of the community. Programs and services are continually evaluated and modified to address the changing needs and desires of Modesto’s residents and visitors.


  1. The City implemented a 2.4% Service Fee for all credit card payments effective September 1, 2017.  Persons paying in person or online will be charged this fee for most payments collected.

    You will not be charged this fee when paying for a utility service with the City of Modesto.