Utilities Department

The Utilities Department of the City of Modesto was created July 1, 2014 as a service provider responsible for the safe delivery of potable water, and the collection, treatment and environmentally-friendly disposal of wastewater and stormwater.

We are a service-driven organization committed to building partnerships that promote a vibrant business community and engaged neighborhoods with a culture of excellence where citizens get the best and employees give their best.

The Utilities Department operates and maintains all City water, wastewater, and storm water systems infrastructure, and oversees capital improvement projects, water resource planning, groundwater, surface water, and recycled water initiatives, utility rates, and regional water partnerships.

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Engineering Services

Oversees the Planning, Construction Administration, Water Design and Wastewater/Storm Drain Design sections.  Administration is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the activities of the Engineering Services Division to ensure that projects are coordinated and implemented to meet the needs of the community.  It is also responsible for long-range utility plans and goals, establishing utility rates, developing and maintaining regional partnerships and strategic initiatives, forecasting funding needs, and administering approved budgets.  

Water Services 

The City of Modesto Water Services Division maintains the water distribution system, monitors and maintains water wells and tanks, and performs testing of the municipal water supply. Water Services is also responsible for the installation, maintenance and reading of water meters as well as the Water Conservation and Cross Connection programs. Each year Water Services publishes the Consumer Confidence Report for the Modesto regional water system.

Wastewater Services

The City of Modesto owns and operates two wastewater treatment facilities. The facility Located at 1221 Sutter Avenue provides primary treatment by removing solids from an average of 20 million gallons of wastewater per day.  Flow from the Sutter Avenue Plant travels about six miles through two pipelines to the treatment facility located at 7007 Jennings road. The Jennings Road facility provides secondary and biological nutrient removal (BNR)/Tertiary Treatment to an average of 15 million gallons per day.  After Secondary treatment the safe water is delivered to the almost 2500 acre ranch to be used as irrigation water. The water treated at the Tertiary facility is deposited in the San Joaquin River, and soon a portion will be delivered to the Del Puerto Water District via the Delta Mendota Canal.