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Outdoor Dining Permit Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Application Information (Person responsible for this permit application)
  3. 3. Buisness Information
  4. 4. Name(s) and Address(es) of Person(s) who will have direct authority and/or control of premises:
  5. 5. Name and Address of Person Authorized to Accept Service of Process
  6. 6. Name(s) and Address(es) of Officer(s)/Director(s)/or Partner(s)
  7. 7. Proposed Business Activity
  8. 8. Day/Hours of Operation
  9. 9. Construction/Renovation
  10. 10. Declaration (to be signed at the time of permit issuance.)
  11. 11. Required Documents
  • Step One

    1. Title II Compliance

      In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) of 1990, the Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended), Government Code section 11135 and other applicable codes, the City of Modesto (“City”) will not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability in the City’s services, programs, or activities. For more information, please visit the City of Modesto website.

    2. Outdoor Dining Permit Application

      To obtain an Outdoor Dining Permit, fill out the required application and include all necessary information. To ensure the application will be processed in a timely manner, complete the entire application and provide all requested copies. No owner or operator of a business establishment shall occupy any portion of a public sidewalk, court, plaza, alley or street with tables and chairs for outdoor dining without first obtaining a revocable encroachment permit in accordance with the provisions of this article section 4-15.103. Failure to obtain an outdoor dining permit can result in penalties under the ordinance. Your establishment/business can be cited under Municipal Code 4-15.307.

    3. Outdoor Dining Application Fee (Non-Refundable) - $200

    4. Barrier Removal Deposit - $250 (for fixed barriers only)