Does Modesto want the Amgen Tour of California to return?  YES!  In fact, the City of Modesto, Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Modesto Downtown Improvement District, Modesto Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the community are ready, willing and more than able to ensure a highly successful part of the internationally acclaimed cycling road race.  We are equipped with not only the knowledge, ability, understanding and infrastructure - we have the passion to make anything happen.

Our Local Organizing Committee is back with the same phenomenal team you all know and love:


Honorary Chair (and avid cyclist) - Mayor Garrad Marsh
City of Modesto

Julie Hannon - Co-Chair since 2008
City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department Director
209.577.5417 /

Jennifer Mullen - Co-Chair since 2008
Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director
209.526.5588 /

Responsibilities: Direct point of contact for Tour Venue Director and staff.

Technical Director

Bob Quintella - LOC member since 2008
Retired Deputy Director, City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department

David Cooperider - LOC members since 2008
Retired Police Officer, City of Modesto Police Department

Responsibilities: Assists with all local race operations related to the course, road closures, volunteer placement, venue design and construction, local permits, resident notifications, EMS/EMT service procurement, securing needed parking, etc.

Operations Director

Jennifer Mullen - LOC Co-Chair since 2008
Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director

Responsibilities: Coordinate all hotel, meal and transportation needs, secure hotel rates at prescribed rate, assist with room assignments and all other lodging, meal and transit needs.

Media/Public Relations Director

Ken McCall - LOC member since 2008
Owner - Pacific Media Group

Jessica Smart - LOC member since 2008
Administrative Analyst II - City of Modesto

Responsibilities: Assist with all local media inquiries, credentialing process, press conference/press room logistics and accommodations, publicize the event for maximum coverage, monitor and measure media coverage, etc.

Marketing Director

Jessica Smart - LOC member since 2008
Administrative Analyst II - City of Modesto

Carlos Rodriguez - New LOC member
Chief Editor/Photojournalist - Central Valley TV

Responsibilities: Coordinate the distribution of Tour promotional materials, develop local media and other in-kind sponsor partners, and market the event for maximum attendance.

Sales/Sponsorship Director

Cecil Russell - New LOC member
Modesto Chamber of Commerce - President & CEO

Andy Johnson - LOC member since 2008
Fund Development Specialist - City of Modesto

Responsibilities: Set local fundraising goals and develop levels of partnership packages to attain set goals; coordinate the fulfillment of partnership packages.

Volunteer Director

Susan Dion - LOC member since 2008
Stanislaus County Bicycle Club President

Louis Levin - LOC member since 2008
Stanislaus County Bicycle Club member

Mary Otten - LOC member since 2009
Acting Deputy Director - City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department

Responsibilities: Recruit, train and coordinate all volunteer efforts, work with law enforcement to determine locations for volunteer placement and direct the day-of check-in, uniform distribution, transportation of volunteers to sites and the provision of refreshments for and appreciation of volunteers.

VIP/Hospitality Director

Don Bean - LOC member since 2008
Special Events - Save Mart Supermarkets

Vicki Rice - LOC member since 2008
Recycling Program Coordinator - City of Modesto

Responsibilities: Assist with Tour hospitality area including set-up, operations, etc., satisfy all local partner needs and requests, coordinate award presenters/athlete escorts/flowers, etc.

Ceremony Coordinator

Julie Hannon - Co-Chair since 2008
City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department Director

Responsibilities: Assist with accreditation system and enforcement of the system, distribute hospitality invitations, assist with coordination of award ceremony participants, presenters, etc.

Lifestyle Festival Liaison

John Sanders - LOC member since 2008
Kiwanis Graffiti Summer Committee Chair (and all-around awesome guy!)

Jeremiah Williams - LOC member since 2008
Owner - Oakcrafts by Jeremiah

Responsibilities: Develop and coordinate “festival” atmosphere before, during and after the race, coordinate logistics with Tour officials.

School/Community Involvement/Ancillary Events Director

Mary Ann Sanders - LOC member since 2008
Stanislaus County Office of Education Board Member

Craig Orona - LOC member since 2008
Vice President/Senior Consultant - Active Alliances

Chris Murphy - LOC member since 2008
Owner - ModestView Magazine (Mr. Modesto himself)

Responsibilities: Assist in the promotion of the Tour through community outreach and schools involvement, develop a schedule of appearances and Tour-related topics for school curriculum; coordinate and organize ancillary events to build race excitement and awareness.

Breakaway from Cancer ® Director

Cheryl Casey - LOC member since 2008
Community Outreach Coordinator - Memorial Medical Center

Trish Christensen - LOC member since 2008
Band/Parade Coordinator - Community Volunteer

Joey Prescott – LOC member since 2008
Volunteer – Triumph Cycling Team/Memorial Medical Center

Responsibilities: Assist with the promotion of Breakaway from Cancer®, generate awareness of the program and assist with the securing of cancer survivors in Modesto, coordinate all aspects/logistics of the Breakaway Mile.

Our team stands ready to provide the following support and assume the related costs:

Police Services

  • Coordinate with CHP, CalTrans and the Tour’s motor and road marshalls and the LOCs volunteers
  • Provide safe road closures to include:
    • Traffic control
    • Crowd control
    • Enforcement of no-parking zones
  • Maintain general public safety

Public Works and Road Services

  • Support police efforts to ensure road closures and the safety of the course
  • Provide detours and detour equipment
  • Provide barricades and cones
  • Provide contracted traffic control services
  • Provide (2) scissor lifts/fork lifts
  • Printing/posting of 'No Parking' signs
  • Removal/restoration and street repair as needed
  • Distribution of notices to residents of road closures/impacts
  • Provide a phone number to residents and businesses for closure-related inquiries
  • Provide street sweeping service prior to the race on race day and after the race to assist with clean-up services

Start/Finish Circuits

  • Absorb all costs related to the conducting of a circuit - inside and outside city limits
  • Temporarily remove any elements that may impact the course or rider safety

Permit Services

  • Fund and secure all city, county and state permits for stages, tents, electrical, health, alcohol, encroachment, sound and road closures
    • Provide all necessary health department contact information 90 days prior to the event
    • Invite health department permitting person to one of the pre-tour site visits as designated by the Tour
  • Secure parking both on and off the street
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in public if served from cups, bottles and cans
  • Road closures and use permits
  • Construction permits - for construction of staging, tents, wiring and electrical, portable generators, power equipment and fork lift
  • Special and ancillary events - pre-event and race day
  • Banners and signage permits - hanging and display of pre-event and race day advertising and partner banners
  • Concession sales - on-site merchandise and concession stands

EMT/EMS Services

  • Provide EMT/EMS services for the general public on race day
  • Submit medical plan to Tour Technical Director

Resident/Business Notifications

  • Notify local residents and businesses impacted by the Tour/stage route/circuit route
  • Notifications will be made in English and Spanish where needed


  • Procure and secure port-o-let services for race day
    • Number of units and placement to be agreed upon mutually by the Tour’s Production Director and the host city.
  • Portable toilets will arrive the night prior to the race day for the overnight crews to use

Waste Management/Recycling Program

  • Responsible for waste management/trash removal services during and after the race
  • Supplies and services to include:
    • Trash containers
    • Roll off containers
    • Dumpsters
    • Recycling containers
    • Crews to remove full containers of liners and replace with fresh liners
  • Crews to restore the venue to its original beauty:
    • Removal of trash from streets, parking lots, parking garages, curbs, city property, county property and federal property
  • Street sweeping will take place the day before the race and once the break-down of the staging has concluded
  • Modesto will provide a waste reduction and recycling program as part of the on-going mission to reduce, reuse and recycle.
    • Clearly marked recycling bins will be placed near each garbage can.
    • Additionally, dumpsters will be made available and ATOC staff will be made aware of the location of these dumpsters to ensure proper disposal of recyclables.

Lifestyle Festival

  • Support the Lifestyle Festival by assisting with:
    • Allocation of suitable area
    • Secure all festival permits and pay associated fees
    • Electricity and waste management
    • Parking for vendors

Michelob Ultra Beer Garden

  • Partner with a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), to not only gain exposure, but to provide revenue for the non-profit through the sale of the beer product
  • LOC to provide:
    • Procurement and selling of beer product
    • Staffing and security (must be 21 and older to serve beer)
    • All ABC permitting documentation (i.e. 1-day liquor license)
    • If unable to partner with a 501(c)(3) non-profit to activate Michelob Ultra Beer Garden, LOC will notify ATOC 90 days out from Tour start (February 1, 2014)
    • Insurance - full liquor liability coverage under the general liability coverage for the event and indemnify AEG and Medalist Sports from any claims
    • Purchase product from local distributor
    • Ice, table linens, additional product for sale such as water

Volunteer Program

  • Modesto is known for its sense of community and as a previous host city for the Amgen Tour of California we have had a tremendous turnout in the number and quality of our volunteer force!
  • Modesto will recruit, orient, check-in and recognize our wonderful volunteers.
    • Volunteers are recruited through a variety of methods, including, but not limited to:
      • Sign-up post cards which are made available throughout the City
      • Presentations to civic and service clubs
      • Local cycling clubs
      • Emails to all previous volunteers
      • High school groups
      • Church groups
    • Modesto is dedicated to providing convenient check-in locations for our volunteer force and will make the needed arrangements to accommodate our satellite volunteer check-in locations.

Breakaway Mile

  • Provide indoor meeting space for a pre-event that accommodates 150 guests near the race course/Finish Line. Meeting space to include:
    • Seating
    • Podium and sound system with microphone
    • Three (3) skirted tables for check-in
    • Light refreshments including beverages
  • Provide marching band or other ancillary participation that creates a highly visual element in the Breakaway Mile walk along the race course
  • Police escort to lead Breakaway Mile walk
  • Secure parking for 75 Breakaway Mile participant vehicles
  • Assist with the community outreach to secure Breakaway Mile participants

Awards Ceremony

  • Provide nine (9) floral bouquets to be on-site at least three hours prior to race Finish