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Spring 2007

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Submittal Requirements:  City Establishes New Requirements Read Article
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Business Update: Portraits of Success Read Article
Beat Health: Cleaning House Read Article
Service Update: Voice Response System Read Article
New Employees & Promotions Read Article
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City of Modesto Establishes Submittal Requirements

The materials and information required for the City to appropriately process standard development applications has evolved over the years. On February 27, the City Council adopted a formal set of requirements with a series of checklists for the common application types. The checklist format allows both applicant and staff to use the form to make sure that all required information is provided.

The proposed submittal requirements
take the form of six checklists, one for each of the common types of development entitlement applications:

• Land Division
(Tentative Subdivision Map,
Tentative Parcel Map)

• Zoning
(Conditional Use Permit, Plot Plan, P-D zone and similar applications)

• Abandonment of Right of Way

• Lot Line Adjustment

• Second Story Review

• Variance

These checklists are available at the
City's Development counter, or online at Also available at the counter or online are the City's development application forms to be used in conjunction with the checklists.



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Get Involved:  Help With Redevelopment

The Citizen Redevelopment Advisory Commission works on behalf of citizens, like you, to bring the voice of the community to Modesto Redevelopment Agency

Established in 1991, the purpose of this dedicated group of citizens is to review Redevelopment Agency (RDA) budgets, projects, programs, public-private partnerships and master plans. They strive to maintain and improve the business and residential communities within the RDA Project Area and the quality of life for us now and generations to come.

The City Council acts as the Agency
Board for RDA projects. The Board appoints the 11 members of the Advisory Commission and the members are selected based on (1) Property and/or Business Owners located in the RDA Project Area, (2) Members-At-Large, (3) Residents or Owners of Residential Property in the RDA Project Area, (4) Planning Commission Representative and (5) a Downtown Improvement District Representative.

Thanks to the Commission members, the City of Modesto has a thriving and growing Downtown!



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Project Updates:  What's In Development

Sutter Gould Medical Center
Facilities Expansion

In January, the City Council approved development plans for the expansion and redevelopment of the Sutter Gould Medical Facility located at 600 Coffee Road. The existing building will be demolished and a new upgraded facility built on the site. The new building will be constructed to the rear of the existing site, with parking and new landscaping fronting Coffee Road and Lucern Avenue. Seven residences on Locke Road owned by Sutter Gould will be demolished and replaced with parking for the new development. Two additional parking lots will be constructed on Sunnyside Avenue at Lucern Avenue. The larger facility, at 132,000 square feet, will involve a 35% increase in size and is intended to accommodate Sutter Gould's existing patients and staff.

The City is currently processing the improvement and building plans with demolition and construction expected to begin in the Spring and Summer.

Vintage Faire Mall Expansion

The Planning Division is currently reviewing an application from the Macerich Company for a 60,000 square foot expansion of the Vintage Faire Mall located at Dale Road and Standiford Avenue.The improvements that have been proposed include five new buildings and an outdoor plaza to be constructed near the southern portion of the mall, adjacent to Gottschalk's. The new multi-tenant building and plaza are intended as a "Lifestyle Center" to include retail and restaurant uses. The existing parking area and internal circulation of the site would also be reconfigured to accommodate these improvements.

The proposal and associated environmental documentation will be heard by the Planning Commission in the near future, with construction expected to begin this Spring.



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Business Update:  Portraits of Success

"Portraits of Success" is one of the ways that the City supports and introduces Modesto businesses to the public. The City's Business Development Division coordinates with each business to display the company's products and/or services in large display cases located in three areas. Two display cases are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of City Hall located at 1010 Tenth Street in Tenth Street Place. The third case is located at the Modesto Airport, in the baggage claim area.

Best of all, this is a free marketing service and is displayed for 90 days to provide the most coverage to your potential customers.

Would you like to spotlight your business?
Here is how you qualify:

• Have a current City of Modesto
business license.
• Have your business based in Modesto.
• Have 5 or more employees.
• Not be a franchise.
• All items for display must be approved by
Business Development Division staff and must be appropriate for all ages to view.

Each participant in the "Portraits of Success" will receive a certificate of participation.

If you are interested in this opportunity available to your business, please contact Patrice Kersten, Community and Economic Development at (209) 571-5587, or email

When you have a chance, please stop by to see the displays of our current "Portraits of Success"!


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Beat Health:  Cleaning House

The Beat Health/Special Multi-Agency Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.), implemented in June 2006, is a citywide program designed to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods suffering from excessive drug crime, public disturbance calls for service, blight, and abandoned vehicles, which contribute to a lack of community identity. The team coordinates City resources with community members to improve their neighborhoods by removing abandoned vehicles, improving or removing substandard buildings, and focusing on drug and disturbance crime issues. Neighborhood residents become more involved with the improvement process with the assistance of the City's efforts.

The team is supervised by the Police Department since it is the only City service available and visible on a 24-hour basis in the affected neighborhoods. By coordinating the response and services of the Police Department, Building Inspections, City Attorney, and other agencies under one program manager in the Police Department a high response priority is assured. Using a cross department "horizontal" team to deal with neighborhood quality of life issues is an effective problem-solving structure that has been successful in several other cities.

One of the goals of the BEAT Health/S.M.A.R.T. team is to become self-sustaining. On March 6, 2007, the City Council adopted the following fees:

1. Substandard Building
Notice and Order Fee $950.00
Appeal Fee $1,000.00
Closing Fee $125.00

2. Dangerous Building
Notice and Order Fee $950.00
Appeal Fee $1,000.00
Closing Fee $125.00

The Substandard Building Fees went into effect on March 7, 2007. The Dangerous Building Fees will go into effect on April 5, 2007, following the final passage and adoption of an Ordinance change.

Although the reason for establishing the fees was to allow for cost recovery within the BEAT Health program, the fees will allow for cost recovery for all other applicable City business, outside the BEAT Health program as well.


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Service Update: Voice Response System

The City of Modesto is in the process of procuring a Building Permit Module for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for the Building Services Division of the Community &
Economic Development Department.

Over the last four years, the Building and Development Services Division has conducted approximately 210,000 inspections. Each inspection generates one to three telephone calls to schedule, confirm and request results. Currently, these telephone calls are received either on a voice recorder or taken in person, and are manually logged into the system for scheduling the following day. Confirmation and result requests are manually researched by staff with information provided to the caller. Each telephone call results in 10-30 minutes of staff time to process.

The addition of the Building Permit Module will provide citizens secured 24-hour telephone access for permit scheduling and inspection processing. The IVR system will
provide inspection results and history, plan review status, and other documents via telephone and fax. This service will be available for both English and Spanish speaking customers using the same access phone number.

The request to purchase the IVR system will be going forward to the City Council on March 27, 2007.



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Community & Economic Development Department

H. Brent Sinclair, AICP
Community & Economic Development Director
Hired 1/8/07

Nick Keller
Senior Building Inspector
Building Safety Division
Promoted 12/26/06

Steven Nascimento
Administrative Services Technician I
Planning Division
Hired 3/6/07

Mandy Bahia
Planning Intern
Planning Division
Hired 2/1/07

Laura Akin
Senior Administrative Office Assistant
Administration Division
Hired 4/3/07

Krisinae Toomians
Planning Assistant
Planning Division
Hired 4/3/07


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How Can We Help You?

Do you have some ideas or suggestions on how the City of Modesto's Community & Economic Development Department (CEDD) can better serve you? Let us know!

The CEDD recently put out a survey for the public to
submit their thoughts. In case you missed the annoucement, don't worry you still have time to participate. You can visit the CEDD web site and fill out the brief survey here:

We want to know if you have had a positive or negative experience in dealing with any of our divisions including Planning, Building and Business Development. You can rate each of the items based on your personal experiences and even submit your thoughts in the ‘comments' box provided.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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