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Winter 2007

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2007 California Code Series Adoption

As most of the building community is already aware, the �new� 2007 California Building Code Series (Title 24) was adopted by the State of California, January 1, 2007, and has been available for purchase since July 1, 2007. Ordinarily this would not be more than a minor bump in the road for the industry. However, this year, California has joined the rest of the United States in adopting one or more �I-Codes.�

In 1994, all the major code organizations consolidated forming the International Code Council. As a result, Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA), Southern Building Code Conference International (SBCCI), and International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) organizations ceased to exist. California historically adopted a code produced by ICBO, called the Uniform Building Code, which was last published in 1997. The 2006 International Building Code is now the base document for the 2007 California Building Code. Of course, California amendments will still apply. Plumbing and mechanical codes are based on the 2006 Uniform Codes produced by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). The 2007 California Electrical Code is based on the 2006 National Electrical Code produced by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). California will now be using the most up-to-date code available and has an opportunity to be a strong voice in the code development process. By state law all jurisdictions must adopt the 2007 California Codes by January 1, 2008. The City of Modesto is on schedule for this adoption.

How does this affect you?

To the general public there will be very little difference in the construction process. To the contractor and the designer not familiar with the International Building Code, there will be a learning curve. On the surface most will agree the two codes are similar; however, there is a significant difference in concepts. In most cases the end result will be the same, but how you achieve that result is where some may have difficulty. The International Building Code is more of a performance based document (here is the standard; you decide how to get there). The Uniform Building Code was much more prescriptive (cookbook).

These codes are available from many different sources. The ICC website has all of these codes available for purchase along with other design commentaries. ( In addition, the California Building Officials organization will be presenting several opportunities for training.

Visit their website:

NOTE: If you purchased a code book, make sure you have the subscription service for the updates. There will be several errata coming to correct errors in the text.



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Project updates

Vintage Faire Mall Life Style Center

The plans for the underground utility relocation permit have been received and are currently in plan review. The plans for the 50,000 s.f. Life Style Center are scheduled to be submitted the middle of September 2007.Macerich has tentatively lined up 2 upscale restaurants and is working on finalizing agreements with several retail businesses to fill the shell building lease spaces. Macerich is planning to announce the names of the tenants in the near future.


The Pelandale McHenry Specific Plan consists of about 84 acres located on the southwest corner of Pelandale Avenue and McHenry Avenue. This project proposes a maximum of 210 Low Density Residential units. Pelandale McHenry Specific Plan Final
Environmental Impact Report is scheduled to be completed in late October and to be considered by the Planning Commission in late November
of 2007.

Woodglen Specific Plan

The Woodglen Specific Plan project comprises approximately 80 acres located on the north side of Pelandale Avenue between Tully Road and Carver Road and proposes the development of up to 530 single family and multiple family residential units. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is planned to be completed by early 2008.


The permit for the 132,277 s.f. medical office building was issued on April 16, 2007. This building is being constructed on the east side of the existing medical office building where the parking lot was located. The contractor has demolished several surrounding single-family dwellings and constructed parking lots in order to install parking for the new building. The caisson/foundation system is currently being installed as well as the underground plumbing and electrical work.

Kiernan Business Park East

The Kiernan Business Park East project site is located on the east side of Dale Road between Kiernan Avenue and Pelandale Avenue. The specific plan is proposed to be amended to include approximately 39 acres of commercial and Medium High Density residential development on the east side of Dale Road, and 114 acres remaining for Business Park development. The Administrative Draft Environmental Impact Report is expected to be complete by the end of September.

Tivoli Specific Plan

The Tivoli Specific Plan is located on the north side of Sylvan Avenue between Oakdale Road and Roselle Avenue consisting of about 454 acres. This project is proposing up to 3,241 residential units and approximately 67 acres of regional commercial development. The Planning Commission consideration of this project is estimated to be by December of 2007 with the City Council consideration to occur in early 2008.



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New Signs for C-3 Zone

Earlier this year, one of Modesto�s new car dealerships brought forward a request to be allowed free-standing monument signs in a C-3 (Highway Commercial) zone (and the equivalent area in the County). This request was based in part on a desire to participate in a standardized national sign program which provides for a certain size and type of sign.

The Planning Commission held a workshop to consider C-3 signs on August 27 and requested that staff prepare an amendment to the Code to provide for certain free-standing signs in this zone. The C-3 zone currently places most reliance on wall-mounted signs. The Commission gave general direction to:
� provide for moderate-sized monument-type free-standing signs to provide for identification of each business (grouped together on a single sign where several businesses are in a single center),
� confine the use of �directional� signs to providing directional information rather than also serving to identify or advertise the business,
� move toward the elimination of existing �directional� signs which also include business identification, thereby reducing visual clutter.

The C-3 zone encompasses most of the newer commercial areas ot town, which are either zoned C-3 or P-D (Planned Development) but with reference to the C-3 zone for sign regulations. This includes particularly McHenry Blvd. north of Briggsmore Ave., the eastern end of Yosemite Blvd., and portions of Crows Landing Rd. For areas along these strips, such as the northern end of McHenry, which are not within City limits but are within the City�s Sphere of Influence, the County has adopted provisions making the areas subject to the City�s sign regulations.

The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on October 15, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. to consider an amendment to the Code to implement the above principles. Interested parties and the general public are invited to participate in this discussion. It is anticipated that the City Council will have this item before them in November for a public hearing.

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service update: building inspection interactive voice response

Testing of the Building and Development Services Division �Automated Phone Permit Access (IVR)� system continues and should be ready for users by the end of this month. Included in this newsletter is an insert listing the inspection activities and their 4 digit codes that will go out with each issued permit. Once implemented, these codes will enable customers to schedule building inspections and retrieve inspection results and plan check status via this automated phone system. Inspectors will also have the ability to post inspection results from their cellular phone. This list, along with additional instructional material, will be available on the City�s web site to assist with this implementation.


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Access Building Permit History Online

By accessing the City�s GIS web page at:

customers can now select a parcel manually by using the zoom tool or use the �Find� feature (binoculars) in the toolbar. Once an individual parcel is chosen the user can click on the vertical �REPORTS� tab to the left of the legend. A window opens to the left with a button labeled �Permit Info�. Choosing this button will provide a list of all of the building permits associated with that parcel. Choosing the blue permit number will produce a report with detailed information available in the Tidemark permit database. The information is updated twice daily at 2 p.m. and at 6 p.m. Try it out!

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Employee Promotions

Margaret James
Business Analyst
Business Development
Promoted 7/24/07

Jim Alves
Associate Civil Engineer
Land Development Engineering
Promoted 8/7/07

Dan England
Senior Civil Engineer
Land Development Engineering
Promoted 8/21/07


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