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Development Permits : Sign Permits

Dept/Div. Contact:  Planning Division - (209) 577-5267

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Description:  The objective of the Sign Ordinance is to maintain and enhance the community's overall aesthetic environment, to minimize the possible adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property and to improve pedestrian and traffic safety. Some types of temporary signs, such as banners, may also be permitted. Some sign proposals require Conditional Use Permit or Planned Development (PD) approval; consult the City's Sign Regulation or a Planner for guidance.

Examples: The City of Modesto regulates the permitting, design, location, construction, erection, modification, use, maintenance, and removal of signs. A sign may only be erected, placed, established, painted, created, or maintained in conformance with the requirements of the ordinances.


Submit Preliminary proposal

The majority of sign packages can be approved without the need of a preliminary review (if all submittal criteria has been met); an exception would be a major development project.

Submit an Application

In this particular case, an 'application' is referred to as a 'Sign Package'; details below.

Where to submit:

Planning Division
1010 Tenth Street, 3rd Floor [Directions]
(209) 577-5267

What to bring:

Information/Forms: (#PER7A)


Permit Issuance

When the sign package has been approved and the required fee has been paid, the Planning Division will direct the applicant to the Building Safety Division to apply for a sign-related Building Permit.

Post-Application Information

Subsequent to project approval a building permit must be issued, which involves a fee. The Building Safety Division has a Sign Permit Application Checklist & Inspection Procedure available.

Related Forms & Handouts

These documents are provided in PDF Format. You must have a PDF viewer in order to open these documents. Click here for the free Adobe Acrobat viewer.



Have Questions?

Contact the Planning Division at (209) 577-5267.

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