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Building Plan Reviews : Extension, Expiration & Renewal

Dept/Div. Contact:  Building Safety - (209) 577-5232

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Description:  Generally, Plan Review applications are valid for 180 from the date of the application.  Within this time frame you can obtain a building permit or, if you run out of time, a request for an extension by the applicant showing that circumstances beyond the control of the applicant have prevented action from being taken.

Information: When a Plan Review extension has been approved prior to expiration of the plan check, the approval shall be considered valid for an additional 180 days.

Only one extension may be issued.

When all inspections other than final inspections for all trades are completed a new permit to final the expired permit may be issued to allow final inspections and issuance of a certificate of occupancy if appropriate. The final inspection will be performed using the same uniform building codes under which the permits were issued and the associated original approved plans. A minimum permit for each required trade must be issued.

If inspections other than finals have not been approved then a new permit must be obtained for the scope of work to be completed. If new codes have been adopted, revised plans that comply with the current codes must be submitted for plan review that cover the work to be completed. The plan review fee assessed will be based on the hours required for review with a minimum review fee assessed. All work that has not been inspected must comply with the current codes. Permit fees assessed to final projects in this category are as follows:

Building permits will be assessed based on the valuation of construction to be completed, with a minimum of one hour of inspection time assessed.

Sub-trade permits will be assessed based on number of required inspection remaining, with a minimum of one inspection assessed.

In order to obtain a new permit the current status of the expired permit must be determined. To determine current status, the expired permit, all inspection notices and the approved plans (if applicable) must be available for review.

Have Questions?
Contact our Building Safety Division at (209) 577-5232.

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