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Traffic Engineering & Operations

Our mission is maintaining and improving traffic safety.

Traffic Engineer:  
Jeff Barnes

Main Number:  
(209) 577-5468


  • Traffic Engineering Division:
    • Maintains a City-wide accident database.
    • Investigates and responds to citizen inquiries on traffic-related issues.
    • Designs traffic signals.
    • Operates Advanced Traffic Management Systems.
    • Designs and constructs traffic improvement projects.
    • Completes applications for Safe Routes to Schools Grants.
    • Analyzes traffic impacts of proposed developments and recommends solutions.
    • Provides traffic signal timing and coordination.
    • Transportation Planning.
    • Traffic modeling.
  • Traffic Electrical Division:
    • Traffic signal maintenance.
    • Street light maintenance.
    • City building electrical system maintenance.
    • Also maintains traffic signals for Stanislaus County, Ceres and Riverbank.
  • Traffic Operations Division:
    • Pavement striping - center lines, lane lines, bike lanes, etc.
    • Pavement legends - "STOP", "YIELD", "KEEP CLEAR", directional arrows, etc.
    • Traffic sign installation and maintenance - Stop, Yield, Speed Limit, No Parking, etc.  Maintains more than 27,000 signs.
    • Traffic safety.