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Transportation Engineering & Design

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Transportation Engineering & Design:

The Transportation Engineering and Design (TED) division is responsible for the design of various transportation related capital improvement projects. Our primary focus is pavement rehabilitation, striping, ADA curb ramps, bike lanes, bike racks and sidewalk installation. Our division believes that Streets are a vital part of livable, attractive communities. Everyone, regardless of age, ability or income ought to have safe, comfortable and convenient access to community destinations and public places. Whether walking, driving, bicycling or taking public transportation, our goal in TED is to provide "Complete Streets" with every project we design and build.

What is a Complete Street?

A complete street is a transportation facility that is planned, designed, operated, and maintained to provide safe mobility for all users, including children, elderly, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit vehicles and trucks appropriate to the function and context of the facility. Every complete street looks different, according to its context, community preferences, the types of road users, and their needs.

TED's duties:

  • Design pavement rehabilitation projects
  • Design roadway improvement projects
  • Design transportation facilities for all modes and users of the roadway
  • Maintain the City's pavement management program
  • Review proposed development for potential transportation related impacts
  • Install ADA curb ramps, detectable domes and push buttons
  • Monitor ADA curb ramp requests
  • Install bike lanes, bike racks and bicycle related signage
  • Public education and outreach regarding bike lanes
  • Perform walking and bicycle audits to assess roadway needs

Contact Us:

Community & Economic Development Department
Transportation Engineering & Design
1010 Tenth Street, Suite 3100
P.O. Box 642 Modesto, CA 95353

Main Number: (209) 577-5449

James Campero, PE
Senior Civil Engineer

Phillip Soares, PE, TE, MPA
Associate Civil / Traffic Engineer

Michael Sacuskie, EIT, LSIT
Associate Engineer / Bicycle Program Coordinator

Michael Kostiz, BA, LSIT
Engineering Assistant II

Brian Phillips, LSIT
Engineering Assistant II

Robert Uvalles
Engineering Assistant II