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Planning: General Plan and MEIR Documents

In California, the General Plan has often been described as a "blueprint for future growth" or a "constitution for future development" of a community. The General Plan for Modesto is best described as "a set of instructions on how to build a city." This concept is further underscored by our General Plan's full name, the Modesto Urban Area General Plan.

An Environmental Document must be prepared for a “project,” as defined by state law, disclosing impacts that are likely to result from the project. In 2008, the City made a series of policy-related amendments to the Urban Area General Plan and updated the Master Environmental Impact Report for the General Plan. The Master Environmental Impact Report describes the various impacts that are likely to occur as the Urban Area General Plan is developed.

The Housing Element is one of seven state-required parts or "elements" of a city’s general plan. The Housing Element is a policy document that describes how the City will address the housing needs of its residents. It contains housing goals, policies, programs, and resources that will help to develop, maintain and improve housing. Modesto is currently preparing an update to the Housing Element.  The draft Housing Element may be reviewed at the link below.  This document reflects revisions made in January 2016.

For more information about the Housing Element, please call: (209) 577-5267

For more information on Housing Programs, please call: (209) 577-5247


Urban Area General Plan

Housing Element

Master Environmental Impact Report for the Urban Area General Plan


Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The Non-Motorized Transportation Master Plan was approved by the Modesto City Council in December 2006 and incorporated into the 2008 Urban Area General Plan. The Plan describes existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Modesto.
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