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Traffic Engineering & Operations

The City of Modesto’s Traffic Engineering & Operations Division maintains information that identifies bottlenecks in the City’s street system. This includes intersections with traffic delays, potential accident problems, or street sections that need to be widened, etc. The Traffic Engineering & Operations Division appreciates your input to help better maintain this information.

Please click here to provide the location and a brief description of the problem.

Alternatively, Traffic Engineering staff can be contacted at (209) 577-5468, e-mail at

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Modesto Speed Hump Policy - Updated April 2006 56 K View
Modesto Traffic Flow Map 2007 Counts 119 K View
Downtown Modesto Traffic Flow Map 2007 Counts 81 K View
City of Modesto Truck Route Map 52 K View
Downtown Modesto Truck Route Map 16 K View
City of Modesto Speed Limit Map (10/11/07) 81 K View

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