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Code Enforcement

Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU)

The Modesto City Council has adopted City Codes (laws specifically designed to ensure the absence of blight and nuisances) to maintain a safe and clean environment for all citizens in our community.

The mission of the Neighborhood Preservation Unit is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.

Code Enforcement Team
The Code Enforcement Team helps maintain and improve the quality of our community by:

  1. Administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements.
  2. Working with residents, neighborhood associations, public services agencies and other City departments to:
    • Facilitate voluntary compliance with city laws and codes.
    • Empower community self-help programs.
    • Develop public outreach programs.
    • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

The Code Enforcement Team works to improve the quality of life in Modesto’s neighborhoods through awareness, education and enforcement. Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for abating zoning violations, including unlawful use of land, illegal street vendors, continuous yard sales (only two per residence per year are allowed), illegal fences and illegal camping in vehicles. Officers also address illegally dumped debris or accumulated trash and junk along with the abatement of nuisance vegetation.

For more information, contact the Neighborhood Preservation Unit at (209) 577-5250 or

Did You Know?

The City of Modesto has a Sign Ordinance. In 1999 the City adopted a sign ordinance. The ordinance allows businesses to obtain a permit for such things as banners, outdoor displays and cold-air inflatables. Each business is allowed 12 banner permits at 10 days per permit for a total of 120 days per calendar year, 12 outdoor display permits at 10 days per permit for a total of 120 days per calendar year and six cold-air inflatable permits at nine days per permit for a total of 54 days per calendar year. To obtain permits, call the NPU office at (209) 577-5250. The Sign Ordinance does not allow any type of temporary sign outside of a business or attached to any public entity or public right-of-way.

The City of Modesto has a Fence Ordinance. When constructing a fence, be sure to contact the Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU) to learn location and height restrictions.

The City of Modesto has a Shopping Cart Ordinance. If you see an abandoned shopping cart, call the NPU office at (209) 577-5250 with the location of the cart and what store the cart came from.