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Planning Commission

The primary responsibility of the Planning Commission is to advise the City Council on matters of land use and the General Plan. The seven-member Commission, appointed by the City Council, makes recommendations for approval and can deny applications for zoning changes. The Commission acts on subdivisions, development plans, and public right-of-way dispositions; they also hear appeals concerning decisions made by the Community & Economic Development Department and Planning Division staff.

Meeting Information:

Planning Commission Meetings

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all public meetings!



The typical processing timeline from application to meeting date is a minimum of eleven weeks. Application ‘filing day’ is Monday of each week. Staff will advise you of your scheduled meeting date once it has been determined that the application is ‘complete,’ following initial review by City departments.

More Information:

For any questions regarding the Planning Commission, please contact the Planning Division at (209) 577-5267.