Crows Landing Road Corridor Study


The City of Modesto has secured a Caltrans Community-Based Transportation Planning grant for fiscal year 13/14.  The grant will fund a corridor study for one of the most significant and important transportation corridors connected to downtown Modesto – Crows Landing Road.  The Crows Landing corridor is economically active, although certain basic infrastructure and services are lacking.  The street right-of-way is relatively wide and challenging for pedestrians due to the absence of sidewalks along much of the corridor length.   The grant-funded corridor study will accomplish the following goals and objectives:

  • Plan for improved mobility and accessibility through enhanced mode choices and connectivity;

  • Support the economy and facilitate economic development by establishing a vision for a vibrant commercial / mixed use transportation corridor, and by improving regional mobility and accessibility for people and freight;

  • Enhance public safety through evaluation of travel mode opportunities and constraints, and identification of preferred improvements to make both motorized and non-motorized travel modes safer and more secure;

  • Reflect community values as a result of extensive public input via workshops and review of draft documentation;

  • Enhance the environment by promoting infill development and higher density within existing urbanized areas, thereby reducing farmland conversion and promoting energy conservation; and,

  • Achieve consistency with the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint and AB32, SB375, and AB1358.

The project will result in a comprehensive corridor study that will include the following components:

  • Existing Conditions Report;

  • Corridor “Vision” established via community and stakeholder input;

  • An accounting of constraints and problems – in order of priority or importance;

  • An analysis of alternatives assessing the benefits, impacts and tradeoffs of the various transportation improvement options;

  • A preferred set of improvements, determined via community and stakeholder input;

  • Plans that reflect design objectives and future improvements; and,

  • Conclusions and Implementation Measures, including potential funding sources and strategies.

Public Workshops:

Next Meeting: Planning Commission, Monday, January 5, 2015, 6:00 p.m. click here fore the agenda.


Documents and Resources:
    - Draft Final Report
    - Workshop #1 Comments and Responses
    - South Modesto MAC November 14, 2013, Comments and Responses

Project Contacts:

Cindy van Empel, AICP, Senior Planner ( (209) 577-5267
Brad Wall, AICP, Principal Planner ( (209) 577-5267
Patrick Kelly, AICP, Planning Manager (