Downtown Core (DC) Zone


The Downtown Core (DC) Zone, adopted by City Council on July 13, 2010, replaces the zoning of properties within the downtown core (see location below) as the mechanism for development review and entitlement, effective September 3, 2010. The DC Zone employs form based code principles, emphasizing building form over building function. It focuses on the way buildings interface with the public environment, rather than the activities that take place inside of them. This makes the DC Zone particularly appropriate for the downtown environment, where a mixture of uses is not only permitted, but encouraged. Additionally, because the DC Zone is prescriptive (narrowly defining how development should occur), it will ensure a predictable built environment, eliminating many of the uncertainties regarding compatibility and design that come with conventional zoning. As a result, the entitlement process for the DC Zone is significantly streamlined, thereby reducing risk and incentivizing the redevelopment of the downtown core.


The DC Zone is roughly bounded by L, 14th, F and 6th Streets, but jogs in one block between 12th and 14th streets on either side.


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