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Culture Commission

The Culture Commission advises on matters pertaining to art, literature, music, McHenry Museum, McHenry Mansion and other cultural activities in the city.

Upcoming Vacancies

There is an upcoming vacancy available to apply for:

Meeting Time: 4:00 PM
Meeting Date: Fourth Monday of each month
Meeting Location: McHenry Museum
Staff Contact: Wayne Mathes, Cultural Services Manager, PR&N
Staff Email:
Staff Phone: (209) 577-5335
Total Members: 7 members

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Membership Composition:

5 members registered voters residing in Modesto
Member Name Term Expires
Alice Ingham Richards 1/1/2013
Grace Lieberman 1/1/2010
Antony Little 1/1/2011
Henrietta Sparkman 1/1/2012
Kate Trompetter 1/1/2014
2 members registered County voters residing outside Modesto
Member Name Term Expires
(VACANT) Apply Now!
(VACANT) Apply Now!

Membership Requirements:

5 members must be registered voters in Modesto
2 must live outside Modesto, and be registered voters in Stanislaus County