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Disabled Access Appeals Board

The Disabled Access Appeals Board hears and rules on appeals of Chief Building Official orders based on disabled access laws; and interprets and advises staff on disabled access laws.

Meeting Information:

Please note that application for this committee requires a financial disclosure statement (Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700) under State of California laws.

Meeting Time: 4:00 PM
Meeting Date: Third Thursday of each month
Meeting Location: Tenth Street Place
Department: Community and Economic Development
Staff Contact: Jim Mack, Acting Chief Building Official
Staff Email:
Staff Phone: (209) 577-5242
Total Members: 5 members

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Membership Composition:

5 members appointed by the Modesto City Council
Member Name Term Expires
Dennis Smith 1/1/2016
Evan Yoshino 1/1/2016
Karen Swanson 1/1/2016
(VACANT - Requires Person with Disability) Apply Now!
(VACANT - Requires Person with Disability) Apply Now!

Membership Requirements:

2 members who are persons with disabilities
2 members who have construction experiences
1 citizen at-large