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Mayor's Top Teens

Amanda Hebert

Grade: 12th
School: Central Catholic

Amanda has a big heart, a gentle approach, and a picky tongue. But Amanda’s loving character helped her overcome her particular taste in short order during her travels abroad. Knowing her host families were often providing her with the last food their cupboards had to offer, she quickly and graciously adapted.

Her journeys have taken her to India with Rotary International and to South Africa with her father, a dentist. While visiting India, she worked with a team of doctors administering polio vaccinations to villagers in rural regions and also participated in activities with the local women in her work with Village Action Group. Her time in South Africa was spent serving as a dental assistant throughout several townships or "shantytowns". Aside from these rewarding efforts, she also participates in her school dance team, has held several student leadership positions, is currently an ASB Commissioner, an officer for Interact, an active Key Club member, and an editor for the school newspaper. Outside of her rigorous academic schedule as an honor student, Amanda also volunteers at St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen as well as tutoring younger students.

Amanda Hebert spreads happiness around her wherever she goes with her ever-present smile. Happiest when helping someone, Amanda proves it is better to give than to receive.

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