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Mayor's Top Teens

Kristin Gazallo

Grade: 11th
School: Modesto

Wherever there is someone who needs a hand, that’s where you’ll find Kristin Gazallo. Kristin is one of those people that always puts others before herself and is always there to offer a hand up. In spite of incredible obstacles, Kristin has volunteered hundreds of hours at Doctor’s Medical Center helping patients and at Modesto Youth Court where she has helped countless other kids find the strength to change their lives. But her compassion doesn’t stop there, nor do her amazing achievements.

Kristin is no stranger to hard times. After her mom was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, Kristin had to pick up where mom no longer could. Even after assuming all the cooking and cleaning duties for the household and taking care of her mom, Kristin was not only able to maintain a 4.0GPA, she went on to win the prestigious JAG award as well as several Academic Pentathon awards at Gregori High School.

Kristin’s own health suffered as a result of all the responsibility that was thrust upon her as a young teen, but in spite of everything, she never gave up on volunteering to help others or in driving towards a better future. Kristin wants to become a doctor so now she has been allowed to study on line to get early college credits. In spite of the hardship, the hard work and sacrifice, Kristin always keeps a positive attitude, and as her nominator writes, “always has a smile on her face.”

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