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Mayor's Top Teens

Lauren Case

Grade: 12th
School: Enochs

Count songwriting among Lauren Case’s many talents. She has written over 40 songs. She also plays five instruments, all self-taught. One of the reasons she loves to write and play music is because she has a message to deliver. It’s a message of overcoming the pain inflicted by intolerance, a pain that Lauren knows all too well.

Growing up, Lauren always dreamed of having a sibling. But, when her little brother Drew finally came along he was diagnosed with ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The years growing up with Drew were difficult and offered enormous challenges for Lauren. To make matters worse, Lauren was shunned by her peers and mercilessly bullied in school. But, says Lauren, those challenges, were a benefit, not a burden. And the patience and understanding that she has learned have helped to make her the extraordinarily giving person she is today. Lauren has been a long-time volunteer for the “Feed the Hungry” program, which collects canned goods for senior citizens, and a member of the Pura Vida Club, a program that assists kids with ASD and other disabilities. When Lauren graduates, she plans on specializing in helping young people with disabilities.

In addition to her volunteer work, Lauren maintains a 3.5GPA in her classes at Enochs High School, played baseball, soccer, and is a member of the tennis team. But everyone who knows Lauren is aware of her real passion. It is helping other kids cope with the pain of cruelty and intolerance through her songs of love.

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