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Mayor's Top Teens

Lexie Dye

Grade: 11th
School: Modesto

Lexie Dye has been a violinist since the first grade. Thatís when she received her first prosthetic hand which allowed her to play. Lexie was born without a left hand, but she has never allowed that to slow her down from being a first class student and athlete, an inspired musician, and a devoted public servant.

Lexie is both an AVID and partial IB student. She is a member of Link Crew, Project Hope, a soccer player, a surfer and a cheerleader. She also mentors children and their families at Shriners Hospital who have similar circumstances as herself. But, what Lexie is most passionate about is the protection of animals. She is President of Panthers Against Animal Cruelty and itís been under her leadership that the club has had its greatest impact on helping animals by creating awareness and increasing adoptions of homeless animals in our community.

Lexie has also been chosen by Touch Bionics, a prosthetics research and design company, to test and evaluate a bionic hand. Once the model she uses has been fully tested, Lexie could become the spokesperson for the company. But, whatís most important to know about Lexie is not that she was born without a hand, itís that she has a very loving and generous heart.

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