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Mayor's Top Teens

Austin Grant

Grade: 12th
School: Enochs

In trying to describe all the accomplishments of Austin Grant, one has to ask the question: What hasn't he accomplished? Austin is the President of the Black Student Union at Enochs High, a member of Varsity basketball team, a volunteer for the Chamber of Commerce Archives program, an after-school tutor, and the winner of both the "Top Camp Counselor" award and the Enoch’s Eagles character award for integrity and compassion. But Austin’s accomplishments don’t stop there. He also headed up the Pencils for Liberia campaign which collected over 4,000 pencils for needy children in Liberia.

What is even more inspiring is that Austin accomplished all of this after losing his most beloved aunt to cancer, and finding out that his mom was diagnosed with Grave’s disease. Austin is one of those kids who succeed despite the obstacles placed in front of him.

A top student, an extraordinary athlete, and a compassionate volunteer, Austin Grant is more than a Modesto Top Teen, in our opinion he’s one of the top teens in the country!

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