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Building Plan Reviews : Plans Requiring an Engineer

Dept/Div. Contact:  Building Safety - (209) 577-5232


Description:  Almost all project plans require a California licensed engineer or architect to prepare them. However, not all plans have such a requirement.

Examples:  Plans for simple projects such as small single-story houses, room additions and garages can usually be drawn up by qualified individuals such as draftsmen.

Plans for new commercial buildings, apartments or hotel/motel buildings and changes in the use of existing buildings which cause a change of Occupancy Group generally must be prepared, stamped and signed by an Architect or Engineer licensed to practice in the State of California.


Contact Us

If you are unsure whether you will need your project plans designed by an engineer or an architect, please contact our Building Safety Division at (209) 577-5232.

Please view the Building Plan Review page for process information.

Have Questions?

Contact our Building Safety Division at (209) 577-5232.

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