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Zoning Classifications

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Below are brief descriptions of the City of Modesto's Zoning Codes. For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the Municipal Code.

Residential Zoning:

  • R-1: Low-Density Residential Zone
    Generally, one (1) single-family home or two (2) single-family homes, or a duplex if on a corner lot.
  • R-2: Medium-Density Residential Zone
    Multi-family allowable lot, dwelling units to be determined by the size of the lot, typically two dwelling units on standard lots.
  • R-3: Medium-High-Density Residential Zone
    Higher density, multi-family residential zone. Number of dwelling units allowed is determined by the lot size.

Commercial Zoning:

  • P-O: Professional Office Zone
    Nonresidential uses that are not as invasive as commercial zoning. Uses include business and professional offices.
  • C-1: Neighborhood Commercial Zone
    Neighborhood Commercial allows retail and service uses that typically serve neighborhoods such as grocery stores and banks.
  • C-2: General Commercial Zone
    General Commercial uses that serve the broader community, such as appliance stores and auto dealers.
  • C-3: Highway Commercial Zone
    Highway Commercial zoning serves a region for such uses as department stores and building supply stores.
  • C-M: Commercial Industrial Zone
    For heavy commercial uses not otherwise permitted in other commercially-zoned lots including auto body shop, auto painting, cabinet shop and equipment rental lots.

Industrial Zoning:

  • M-1: Light Industrial Zone
    Light Industrial uses such as breweries, recycling process facilities and lumber and wood production facilities.
  • M-2: Heavy Industrial Zone
    Heavy Industrial uses include manufacturing, processing and fabricating plants.

Miscellaneous Zoning:

  • P-D: Planned Development Zone
    Planned Development Zones are created to encourage creative and effective land uses for mixed and multi-purpose development. Planned Development Zones are individually tailored to specific parcels.
  • SP-H: Specific Plan Holding Zone
    For the assistance of orderly transition of property from long-term agricultural use to urban development in areas to be developed as a part of the City's Specific Plan process.
  • SP: Specific Plan
    For permitting various land uses including residential, industrial, and commercial development through specific plans.

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