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Finance Department

  • I have a large item to dispose of and would like to schedule someone to pick it up. How do I do that?
    • Please call your garbage service provider. There are 3 companies depending upon where you live:

      Waste Management-538-2210
      Gilton Solid Waste- 527-3781
      Bertolotti Disposal- 537-6911
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  • How do I contest my parking ticket?
    • You may contest the citation by filling out an informal review form at the following location, within 21 days from date of issuance:

      City of Modesto
      1010 10th St. Ste 2100
      Modesto, Ca.
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  • How do I sign up for or cancel water service?
    • You may visit us in person at 1010 Tenth Street suite 2100 on the second floor or contact us by phone at 577-5395.

  • How much does a Business License cost?
    • It depends upon the type of business and where the business is located. In most cases the following applies:

      Home/Outside the City Limits
      $75.00 License fee
      $100.00 Deposit
      $20.00 Minimum License Fee (if annual gross receipts will be less than $2000)

      $50.00 License Fee
      $100.00 Deposit
      $35.00 Minimum License Fee ( if annual gross reciepts will be less than $2000)
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  • Is there an IRS office in Modesto?
    • Yes two locations:
      1533 Lakewood Ave., Modesto, CA Phone: 800-829-1040
      1700 Standiford Ave., Modesto, CA Phone: 209-900-6760

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  • Where can I pay County Fines?
    • City/County Building at 1010 10th St., Ste 2500, Modesto, CA

  • Where can I pay my ticket in person?
    • You may pay your ticket in person within 21 days of issuance at either of the following locations:

      Modesto Police Department
      600 10th St.
      Modesto, CA
      City of Modesto
      1010 10th St. Ste 2100
      Modesto, CA

      Or if preferred, you may mail in your payment to:
      P.O. Box 3063
      Modesto, CA 95353

  • Where do I get a dog license?