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Business License

Business License FAQ

Who needs a City of Modesto Business License?

  • Anyone that conducts business in the Modesto city limits is required to have a Business License.

Are there any other requirements?

  • Businesses with permanent locations in the Modesto city limits must meet Zoning and Fire regulations. Contact the Zoning Department at 577-5279 and the Fire Prevention Bureau at 571-5553 for further information.

How do I apply for a Business License?

  • Choose the correct application(s) based on the business location (see below). Please read all the information provided before filling out the application(s).
  • Print out the application(s).
  • Be sure that all information is filled in, especially the business start date and owner information.
  • Sign the completed application(s) and return by mail or in person with the appropriate fee. We are currently unable to process applications electronically.
  • After the application is processed and approved, the Business License will be sent to the mailing address listed on the business license application.

What applications are required?

  • If business is located from a commercially zoned location within the Modesto city limits, you will need a Business License Application.
  • If business is conducted from a home address within the Modesto city limits, you will need a Business License Application & Home Business Permit and Agreement Application.
  • If you are an outside business coming into the Modesto city limits you will need to complete an Outside Business License Application.