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Business License

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Business Licenses

  • What if I have a partner?
    • Each partner is required to complete a Home Business Agreement application for each one of their Modesto addresses.

  • Where should I post my business license?
    • If you have a fixed place of business, the license must be posted in a visible location. If your business is mobile, carry your license with you.

  • What if I have two different types of businesses at a single location?
    • If all financial records are kept together, then only one license is required. If the financial records are kept separately, then multiple licenses are necessary.

  • I used to have a Modesto business license, how do I reactivate it?
    • As long as the ownership remains the same, you may reactivate a business license by paying the new license fees and any past due fees and taxes. There must also be a current business license application on file.

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