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Labor Memorandums of Understanding

Description Download PDF Date Posted
Modesto Confidential and Management Association
Memorandum of Understanding View 08/06/15
Article 26 License & Certs View 11/18/10
COSMO Implementation of new Oracle Payroll System View 12/16/11
Letter of Agreement re: Exempt Management Leave View 03/13/13
Modesto City Employee's Association
Memorandum of Understanding View 01/17/14
Letter of Agreement 2011 Crane Certification View 07/08/11
Integration of Accrued Leave with SDI Effective 1.1.2014 View 04/04/14
LOA Article 12 Comp Time Off Effective 10.21.13 View 04/04/14
Modesto Police Non-Sworn Association
Memorandum of Understanding View 08/06/15
Letter of Agreement - Specialty Pay View 12/12/11
Letter of Agreement - Shift Bidding and Special Assignments View 12/12/11
Resolution Adopting Imposed Terms and Conditions View 09/03/13
Resolution Amending A Labor Policy View 09/03/13
Modesto Police Management Association
Letter of Agreement - Work Schedules View 05/22/07
MOU 10/1/14 to 12/31/15 View 10/20/14
Modesto Police Officers Association
Memorandum of Understanding View 08/06/15
Modesto City Fire Fighters Association
Memorandum of Understanding View 02/12/08
Letter of Agreement - Constant Staffing - Effective 12/01/08 View 03/27/09
Fire Captain Education Requirement View 03/27/09
Physical Fitness Program View 03/27/09
Retiree Medical Trust Resolution View 03/27/09
Letter of Understanding Extending MOU to 6-30-2013 View 11/16/10
Letter of Understanding Retirement and Separation Incentive in Lieu of Salary Increase View 07/26/11
Letter of Understanding Personnel Reassignments - Effective 02/01/12 View 03/29/12
LOA Cafeteria Plan Payment View 04/04/14
LOU 7.3.13 Relief Firefighters View 04/04/14

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