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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

What is Modesto GIS?

The Modesto GIS program is designed to help staff manage information that is referenced to a location. The GIS team captures and manages maps and related data and provides computerized tools for staff to view and analyze map information. In addition to helping City staff manage and access map data, the Modesto GIS also offers the public access to maps and data via an interactive web based GIS map. Similar in concept to "Google Maps" or "Bing Maps", this interactive map can be used to view and search for streets, parks, addresses, businesses, and other City of Modesto information.

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GIS Data Availability

The City of Modesto does not allow direct download of its GIS data sets. However, in some cases the City will provide GIS data upon request when the requesting agency reads and agrees to our GIS Data Usage Agreement. For further information regarding obtaining the City of Modesto GIS data sets please contact the GIS Division.