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Patch Logo

Modesto's Patch Logo History

The origin of the Modesto Fire Department patch dates back to 1983. After attending the National Fire Academy in Emittsburg Maryland, Fire Engineer Steven Whitehead brought home the concept of a Department patch.

Approval was given in 1990 for Steve to design several possible examples. Input was received from throughout the Organization and a final prototype was selected.

The Modesto Fire Department patch became official in February of 1991. The patch consists of the Maltese Cross, the universal insignia of the Fire Service, interlaid with the year the Modesto Fire Department was established and the tools of the trade.  The center of the Maltese cross is a replica of the City of Modesto seal. The Maltese cross is flanked by the State of California and American flags.

In keeping with Fire industry tradition, today's patch represents the three founding organizations of the newly formed Modesto Regional Fire Authority while integrating important symbols and history of the old patches.

The center graphic incorporates key elements of the combined service areas:

  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Frontier
  • Includes the Modesto Arch and prominent downtown buildings

Steve Whitehead lost his life in the "Line of Duty" fighting lung cancer in 1997. At the time of his passing,  Steve was on the eligibility list for Fire Captain.  He was posthumously promoted to this rank that same year.  Modesto Firefighters are honored to wear this patch, not only representing the City, State, and Country they serve, but representing the man who lost his life while protecting the citizens of our area.

Old PatchOriginal Patch,1991
Today's Patch reflecting the newly formed
Modesto Regional Fire Authority