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Fire Prevention Bureau

1010 Tenth Street
3rd Floor, Suite 3200
Phone: (209)571-5553
Fax: (209)491-5969

Mike Payton
Fire Marshal Division Chief Fire Marshal Division Chief, Mike Payton

Welcome to the City of Modesto's Fire Prevention Bureau! The Bureau's main objective is to reduce the risk of fires thus protecting the lives, welfare and economic vitality of the community. We do this by providing a variety of services such as code enforcement, fire investigation, plan checking, permitting and safety education. The Fire Prevention Bureau encompasses a personnel network capable, motivated and technically trained to educate the public through the enforcement of fire and life-safety codes.

Please stop by the Bureau, call, write or fax if we can assist in any fire safety matter. We are located on the 3rd floor of City Hall along with Community Development's Planning Division and Building Inspection for your convenience.

About the Bureau

The Bureau consists of the Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, two fire investigators, four fire prevention technicians, and two administrative assistants. The department utilizes the Fire RMS Data Program to record all activities.

The enforcement of the regulatory codes adopted at the State and Local level is a major area of responsibility of the Fire Prevention Bureau. With a population of over 200,000 and an area of 36 square miles, the Bureau inspects over 900 occupancies a year. The occupancies inspected include assemblies, businesses, schools, hospitals and care homes, jails, high rises and hazardous use facilities.

Division efforts also include the design, implementation and update of the City's Emergency Operation Plan. This Plan includes the continued training of citizens and city personnel through tabletop and field level exercises, Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT), as well as the Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.) functional training. Division Chief/Fire Marshal, Mike Payton represents the City of Modesto on the Stanislaus Operation Area Council and serves as the City's representative to the Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.). This City/County joint venture will be capable of immediate activation as a "turn key" operation during disaster declarations or emergency situations.

Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The City of Modesto is working with the Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services (OES) and other local jurisdictions to update the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  To learn more about this process, please “click” the following link:

Plan Checks

The Deputy Fire Marshal reviews plans and specifications to ensure compliance with the fire protection and life-safety provisions of the Codes adopted at State and Local level. To streamline the plan review process and provide a one-stop shop, this position is located on the third floor of City Hall.


An important part of fire prevention is record keeping. Keeping records and files on all uses regulated by the Fire Code provides the fire official with information on what, where, how or when specific hazards are installed, stored or used.

Hazardous Materials

The permit process assists Fire Department personnel in regulating occupancies that store or use hazardous materials.

Fire Investigations

With general oversight from the Fire Marshal, the Fire Investigation Unit works in coordination with Fire and Police to investigate all structure and suspicious fires. For more information, click here.

Fire Prevention Education

For information about Fire Prevention Education, click here.

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