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In addition to the fire protection and life safety services we provide, The Modesto Fire Department also provides information about the special programs and events available to anyone who is interested in personal and public safety. Whether it is during an earthquake, a fire, or even at the poolside, knowledge and preparedness is the key to safety and survival.

Special programs, such as the Youthful Firesetters, Explorer Post 911, and the Clown program are designed to get the younger generation thinking about safety at an early age. Establishing good habits now will aid them and their families today and serve them throughout their lives.

The Life Jacket Loan program provides life safety vests for citizens who choose to recreate along the waterway and provides extra amount of protection for all of the citizens of Modesto. The C.E.R.T. program furthers this cause by helping to train communities how to provide for themselves and others during a major emergency, when help may be far away.

This section has been designed to provide information on our programs that will help you and your family to become more safety conscious and prepared for an emergency.