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Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is your service area and population?
    • We serve 37 square miles with the number of housing units reaching 87,000. The population is over 200,000 people in Modesto and an estimated additional 15,000 in our contract area.

  • How many calls for emergency service do you get each year?
    • About 22,500, of which 70% are medical or other emergencies.

  • What is your average response time to emergencies?
    • Our average response time is about 4.5 minutes. Our goal is to arrive within six minutes or less, better than 90% of the time. We are proud to have consistently accomplished this goal.

  • Why does a fire engine or rescue truck respond with private ambulance companies to medical emergencies?
    • The Fire Department is the City of Modesto's first responder to many emergency situations. Fire stations are strategically located to provide rapid response and fire engines are equipped with life saving equipment. It is the best use of our resources.

  • How many stations does your Department have?
    • Eleven, with a minimum on-duty staff of 49 personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • How many firefighters are on each fire engine?
    • Three, a Captain, an Engineer, and a Fire Fighter. Trucks carry one more Fire Fighter.

  • Can women become fire fighters?
    • Yes, they must meet the same requirements as males. Modesto has one female Captain and one female Engineer.

  • How can we get a tour of a real fire station?

  • How do I dispose of old flammable liquids, paints or antifreeze?
    • Contact Household Hazardous Waste Collection at (209) 525-6789. They are located at 1710 Morgan Road, Modesto.

Engine 24 Fire Truck

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