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Gangs in Modesto

In California, gangs have spread from the big cities of Los Angeles and San Jose to the suburbs and rural communities in the Central Valley. Because the “gang lifestyle” has been glamorized in the media (movies, music, television, videogames, etc.), it has drawn people from all social, economic, and racial backgrounds. Gangs
Gang members are violent. They attempt to hold communities hostage by intimidation. They engage in acts of violence, such as assaults, drive-by shootings, car-jackings, and home invasion robberies in order to oppress neighborhoods or public gathering places.

When gangs are allowed to exist, they erode the quality of life in the communities where they reside. Because of this threat, community members must work together to eliminate the gang infestation in our society.

Although the Modesto Police Department has taken the lead in addressing the gang problem facing our community, we must understand that gangs are not exclusively a police issue, but a community issue.

The Modesto Police Department has established partnerships with schools, churches, social services, and community leaders in an effort to eradicate the gang issues plaguing our community. By collaborating efforts and working with the community, we have seen a positive impact on gang intervention. The department has focused on gang prevention and intervention programs through the Police Activities League (PAL), WAKE-UP program, Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT), Stanislaus County Community Gang Task Force, and the Citizen Police Academy.

Gangs Additionally, the Modesto Police Department has taken a more collaborative approach with other law enforcement agencies. Network sharing and joint operations have increased since the creation of the Central Valley Gang Impact Task Force. The primary goal of this task force is to gather criminal intelligence of gangs in order identify, disrupt, and ultimately dismantle violent street gangs that are plaguing our community.

Finally, the Street Gang Unit has also allowed the Department to provide gang suppression throughout Modesto. The Street Gang Unit is a uniformed enforcement team designed to provide high visibility, conduct enforcement, and collect criminal information in areas with an elevated gang presence. The Street Gang Unit has been instrumental in curbing gang violence within the city.

Although the Modesto Police Department is pleased with initial results, we are committed to decreasing the violence while increasing community involvement, in order to provide and maintain a safe community.


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