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Updated: 05/20/10


Date of Birth:  03/11/1985 White male/5'09/150/Blonde (shaved) Hazel

Original offense Battery on Spouse


DURGIN, Michael

Date of Birth:  09/11/1966 White male/5'10/210/Brown/Blue

Original offense Robbery


LOPEZ, Michael

Date of Birth:  04/24/1986  Hispanic male/5'06/180/Black/Brown

Original offense possession of a firearm by felon.



Date of Birth:  05/17/1984 Asian male/5'00/120/Black hair/Brown Eyes

Original offense for Stolen Vehicle.


SPURLOCK, Larry Allen

Date of Birth:  09/05/1961 White Male/6'00/200/Brown Hair/Blue Eyes

Original offense for Theft with prior conviction.


MEZA, Rick Donald

Date of Birth: 04/10/1978 White male/5'11/225/Brown hair/Blue Eyes

Original conviction for Narcotics.



Date of Birth:  09/19/1966 Hispanic male/6'00/260/Black hair/Brown eyes

Original violation for Domestic Violence.


McKAY, ROCKY Shiloh David

Date of Birth:  11/20/1966 Hispanic male/6'02/220/Black/Brown

Original offense for narcotics.


LOPEZ, Michael Anthony

Date of Birth:  04/24/1986 Hispanic male/5'06/180/Black/Brown

Original offense for felon in possession of firearm.


HUNT, Clarence H

Date of Birth:  09/08/1953 White male/6'03/185/Brown/Brown

Original offense receiving stolen property.


COTTON, Joseph Clinton


Date of Birth: 04/19/1959 White male/Bald/Brown eyes


Original offense for escape.



CODDINGTON, Robert Wayne

Date of Birth:  05/08/1966 White male/5'05/165/Brown hair/Blue eyes

Original offense assault with great bodily injury.


BAKER, Steven Kent

Date of Birth:  01/01/1966  White male/5'08/170/Brown/Hazel

Original offense Assault with a deadly weapon.




FLANAGAN, Richard Dean


Date of Birth:  01/16/1951 White male/5'07/181/Brown/Hazel


Original offense Possession of a Controlled Substance.



SAUCEDO, Francisco Javier


Date of Birth:  11/15/1970 Hispanic male/5'03/115/Black hair/Brown eyes.


Original conviction for Child Molestation.






SAMUELS, Billy Jr.


Date of Birth:  05/06/1969  White male/6'00/165/Brown hair/Blue Eyes


Original conviction for Burglary.




BERNAL, Joseph Leon


Date of Birth:  07/27/1950  Hispanic male/5'03/145/Black hair./Brown eyes


Original conviction offense Arson.





VALDEZ, Hector Virgen  Date of Birth: 03/27/1963 Hispanic 5'4/140/Brown/Black

MARLETT, John Allen  Date of Birth: 07/03/1964 White Male 5'06"/150/Blonde/Blue

SANDOVAL, Miguel Date of Birth:  03/30/1974 Hispanic male/5'11/190/Brown/Green

MINGUS, Thomas Eugene Date of Birth:  06/12/1950 White male/6'02/220/Brown/Brown