If you know the identity of the person(s) below, call Crime Stoppers (209)521-4636 or use the confidential TIPS PAGE.

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Updated 05/28/2010




The  Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is looking for two males believed to be responsible in a Homicide in Modesto last week.   On December 4th, 2009 at about 3:15pm Two suspects came into the  Gas & Shop, located at 837 S. 9th Street in Modesto.

The two suspects (shown in composite sketch): The suspects appeared to be robbing the store, but instead shot the 28 yr old store clerk. The clerk was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The store clerk, is the son of the owner of the business. After the shooting, witnesses stated the two suspects left on foot, and were last seen headed toward S. 7th Street.

SUSPECT #1: Is described as a light skin Black or Hispanic male in his early 20's.  He is described as 5'07 160lbs wearing dark clothing.

SUSPECT  #2: Is also described as a light skinned black male or Hispanic male in his early 20's. He is 5'07/175lbs wearing dark clothing.


On 05/28/2010 the Westurf Nursery @ 1613 Claus Rd was burglarized. The suspect shown here came/left in a smaller black SUV type vehicle. If you know his identity please contact Crime Stoppers.


Turlock Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred May 10, 2010, two men entered and robbed Vail Creek Jewelry located at 111 E. Main Street in Turlock.
The armed suspect was described as a Hispanic male adult, 20-30 years old, 5'07", 150 pounds, with dark hair, a mustache, and wearing baseball hat, dark sweatshirt with print pattern, dark pants,white shoes, and white gloves. He was also described as having pronounced cheek bones and acne marks.
The second suspect was described as a Hispanic male adult, 20-30 years old, 5'07", 160 pounds
with black hair, wearing dark glasses, dark sweatshirt with white pattern, dark pants, and red and
white shoes. He also had acne marks on his face.  Suspect also has a tattoo on his left forearm of
"XIV" with a tribal band below it.


Modesto Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred on 01-04-10 at approximately 950pm, at the Family Market in Modesto. Two Hispanic males armed with handguns entered the store and robbed an  employee while holding a handgun up to his head. Both suspects were wearing red bandanas over the bottom portion of their faces and one of the suspects had the top portion of his head concealed with a red hooded sweatshirt. The suspects fled the business with US Currency.


On 03-19-10 at approximately 1050pm three suspects entered Le John’s market at 1420 Oregon Dr in Modesto. Two of the suspects were armed with handguns. One of the armed suspects had his face concealed from his nose down and the others did not have their faces concealed. The unarmed suspect actively took part in the robbery by going behind the counter and by accessing one of the registers. Another suspect also went behind the register and then got into a confrontation with one of the victims. The suspect hit the victim in the head with the gun. The suspects then fled with US Currency. There was surveillance video which captured part of the robbery.


Turlock Police are asking for information on the male pictured here.  He is suspected of stealing 2 security cameras from a residence in Turlock. A small black 4 door compact vehicle was seen around the  same time of the theft.


Turlock Police are asking for information on the identity of these two men. They were seen on video exchanging stolen property taken from a residential burglary and vehicle theft.  If you know their identity please call.


On 04-22-2010 approximately 2040 hours a 17 yr old male was walking west in the 2900 block of Patterson Rd in the City of Riverbank.  He was returning from volunteering for a community event where his service club (Future Farmers of America) was working .  He was in a lit crossing westbound to his residence when he was struck by an unknown subject in a small white SUV.  He was admitted to the hospital for a serious head injury.  He gave statements as to the truck and driver.  There was physical evidence left as a result of the collision. The driver and vehicle fled south bound on Roselle Avenue leaving the juvenile injured in the roadway.
If you were involved or  have information that may aid in the investigation please contact Detective Copeland at 209-869-7162 or Crime Stoppers.  


On 03/14/2010 around 7:02 pm two suspects attempted to rob the victim in this case at gunpoint.  Both suspects approached the victim at his home in Riverbank.  One suspect was armed with a handgun.  One suspect was pushed out of the gate by the victim and then both fled the residence.

Stanislaus Sheriff's Department are looking for these two suspects:

#1:  White male/25-30 years,5'10-5'11/160-170lbs/black hair/pale skin with hispanic features.  Suspect in possession of a chrome handgun. Clothing:  Black dark sweater jacket, w/black t-shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, dark navy blue baseball cap w/air jordan design. 

#2:  White male/30 years old, clean shaven with black hair lower lip, 5'11-6'00/190-200lbs, balding, heavy set.  Clothing: Black dark sweater, dark shirt with white picture on t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black tennis shoes, dark blue type baseball cap w/white front on bill, dark sunglasses. 

Both suspects were seen getting into a dark colored vehicle, possible Acura.


Turlock Police are asking the publics assistance in identifying the male pictured here. The suspect obtained a KOHLS credit card in Turlock using the victims identity. He purchased several other gift cards using them at other merchants in the area.  He is described as being in his 50's, dark complected with gray hair and facial hair. 6'00 tall with an obese build.


Modesto Police are looking for information on this man.  On November 5, 2009 he passed a forged check at a Save Mart Store in the Modesto area.  He is wearing a distinctive shirt (shown here).  If you know the identity of this subject please call.



On March 10, 2010 the woman showed here cashed a forged check at a local grocery store in the Modesto area. She is described as Hispanic, mid to late 20's with reddish/blonde hair, medium build.  If you know her identity please call.




Turlock Police are asking for assistance in identifying the male pictured here.  The suspect

shown burglarized a gym on Golden State Blvd in Turlock.  If you know his identity please call.



Modesto Police are looking for the man shown here who robbed the Guaranty Bank 3801 Yosemite Blvd Modesto on 02/17/2010 around 2:08 pm

The robber is described as Hispanic, 25-28 years old, wearing sunglasses, a white hat and black hoodie, a, white hat, and black hoodie.



Ceres Police Department are looking for 3 suspects that burglarized Stanislaus Farm Supply in Ceres on 12/23/2009 .

Suspect #1 is a male approx. 5'6"-5'7"", approx. 170-190 lbs, wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans and tan work boots. 

Suspect #2 is a male approx. 5'7"-5'8", 180-200 lbs, wearing a beanie, black jacket and blue jeans.  Suspect #3 is possibly a female approx. 4'10-5'0", approx. 110-120 lbs, light completion skin.  The sweatshirt shown on the one suspect has the face of "MAC DRE" (shown here) a deceased Bay Area Rapper .




Oakdale Police are investigating a burglary that occurred on 01-18-2010 at approx. 0500 hrs, at Conlin Supply (576 Warnerville Rd. Oakdale) . The business was burglarized with  numerous Cowboy hats, Roper Boots, jewelry, and tools were stolen. The suspect vehicle is shown here.
in Oakdale. 


Turlock Police are looking for this suspected Bank Robber.  On 01/14/2010 around 2:07 pm the West America Bank in Turlock was robbed.  The suspect (shown here) demanded money and fled the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Suspect description:  Black male-25-35 years, 6'00-6-03, 180-200 po9unds, dark hair and thin mustache. Wearing a blue and white stripped dress shirt, black baseball cap and sunglasses.



Modesto Police are investigating the attempted kidnapping of a 14 year old girl that occurred on 01/05/2010. A black male (composite) approaches the victim as she was walking home in the area of Davis High. He grabs the victim at which time a Hispanic male appears and tells the victim they are going to have sex with her. The victim struggles with and kicks the suspect and is able to break free and runs home.

SUSPECT #1 (COMPOSITE) Black male/20's 5'08 muscular build with long dreadlocks.

SUSPECT #2: Hispanic male/20's with brown think hair


Turlock Police are asking for any information on the male pictured here.  On December 4, 2009 the suspect passed a forged prescription at a drugstore in Turlock.



12-15-09 at 0150 hours these two suspects attempted to break in Empire Liquors on Yosemite. Causing several thousand dollars damage. They frequent Empire area.

Empire Liquors has been vandalized several times in the past months due to attempt break in.



On 08/22/09 at about 0420 hours a shooting occurred following a brief exchange of words in the parking lot out side Denny's restaurant at 1991 Lander Ave in Turlock.

Turlock Police are looking for a smaller build and lighter complected male who were involved. The two contacted and confronted a male subject, who was standing with another male and female near a parked vehicle.

Following an exchange between them, another male who had a larger build and was darker complected pulled out a semi automatic gun and shot at the initial male and then at the subjects he had been standing with.
The responsible were last seen leaving the area in a newer model, mid-sized  4 door sedan (similar to a Nissan).


Modesto Police are looking for the male pictured here.  On Monday 12/07/09 @ 1:30 pm two Black males robbed the check and go at 2225 Plaza Parkway in Modesto.. These appear to be the same suspect that are robbing check cashing places in/around Modesto.




On 11/11/2009 at approximately 1:39pm a carwash was being held @ Butte & Crowslanding Rds.  During the carwash, two victims drove past in separate vehicles. As the victims passed the car wash, two unidentified suspects  standing near the car wash got in a 2 door vehicle.  The two suspects chased the victims north on Crowslanding Rd and onto Northbound hwy 99 where the passenger in the suspect vehicle shot at both of the victims. One of the victims was struck once in the stomach by a round fired from the suspect vehicle. both victim vehicles were struck by the rounds fired from the the suspect vehicle during the chase. both suspects are described as Hispanic males in their 20's and are wanted on charges of attempted Murder.  If you know their identities or any information on the crime please call.


Modesto Police are investigating a burglary that occurred in Northeast Modesto. The vehicle shown was caught on video at the scene. The vehicle is described as a Honda SUV gold with a "Raiders" emblem on the hood.  The suspect is described as White or Hispanic.


Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is investigating a residential burglary that occurred between October 3-12, 2009 in the Del Rio area.  The suspect is described as a white male with brown hair.  He is seen wearing a black jacket with the words "3D" on the back. 


Modesto Police are looking for information on the female pictured here. On 11-14-09 at approximately 0537hrs a heavyset African American female walked into the AM/PM at the Corner of Standiford and Prescott Rd. The female selected merchandise and walked to the entrance of the store. She appeared as if she was talking to a friend who was waiting in a vehicle outside. The female exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise.



Turlock Police are looking for the subjects pictured here on video surveillance. On 11-22-09 around 0010 hrs, 5 Hispanic males attempted to rob a person in front of a Turlock Mini Mart.  The subjects were described as Hispanic males  approx. 20 yrs old. Two Hispanic females (one shown) were also there and attempted to assault the victim's girlfriend.  The vehicles were described as a purple Ford Taurus or Mercury and an unknown year Gold Honda .  A blue 4 door vehicle was also possibly involved.  Video photos shown were taken from the store. *** Subject may be armed***


Turlock Police are asking for assistance in identifying the male shown here.

He is wanted for questioning for Grand Theft & Forgery. He was seen in a blue or teal

90's model Dodge truck, leaving a Turlock Gas Station where a stolen credit card was used.


Modesto Police are looking for the male pictured here.

On 11/07/2009 around 8pm the male pictured entered the Baby's R Us

@ 3500 Sisk Rd, brandished a handgun demanding money.  He left

the store and fled with another black male in a newer model vehicle.

The robber is described as a black male/30 years old, 5'11/180lbs with short hair.


Turlock Police are looking for information for the person(s) responsible in the taggings

shown here.  The taggings occurred @ 1219 N. Golden State & Palm & Olive in Turlock.


Ceres Police are investigating a Burglary that occurred on 08/30/2009.  Dr. Cushing Optometry was

burglarized and a laptop taken. The male captured on video appears to be a Hispanic male, dark

short hair, wearing a white t-shirt and pants.  If you know his identity please call.


Oakdale Police are looking for the male pictured here. on 08/27/2009 around 6pm the male pictured cut a hole in a cyclone fence, entering the yard at Oakdale Joint Unified School District, at 1384 East "F" St, Oakdale.  The suspect is described as a white male, brown hair and wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.  the subject stole $4000.00 in bus wheels and accessories.


Ceres Police are investigating two burglaries that occurred on 10-04-09 & 10-08-09.   Both burglaries occurred at the Blockbuster on Hatch Rd in Ceres.  On one occasion the suspect drove a Enterprise Rent-a-Truck and in another a red Truck.  Possible suspect is pictured here.  If you have any information about the burglaries or the suspect pictured here please contact Crime Stoppers.


Modesto Police are looking for the man shown here.  The male in the photo used information from a member of the Marine Corps credit union account to obtain credit. The information was was obtained fraudulently by unknown means, and was used to  make several purchases at Wal-marts in Modesto and Manteca.


MAIL THEFT/FRAUD Modesto Police are investigating a theft of mail on 9/3/09 from a Modesto resident.  Amongst the mail stolen was the victim's credit card which also contained convenience checks. On 9/3/09 late in the evening, two suspects attempted to purchase computer equipment at Best Buy in Riverbank using the victim's convenience checks attached to her credit card account.  The store clerk denied the sale after checking with the credit card company. The video shows the two suspects leaving the Best Buy Store.  Suspects are described as a Hispanic male adult and an African American female.


Modesto Police are investigating a burglary that occurred  Tuesday, 8/18/09 at 2357 hours at the L'amore Gift Shop located at 1507 N 9th Street.  The suspect used a rock and threw it at main glass doors, causing one to shatter.  The suspect then crawled through the shattered door window and into the business.  He ran behind the counter, selected an item and then fled out the POE. The suspect is a Hispanic male, heavy, wearing red/white black sweatpants, white t-shirt, and black sweater pulled over his head to conceal his face. 


TURLOCK Police are investigating an attempted burglary that occurred 10-9-09 at approximately 0715 hrs.

An unknown White male attempted to gain access into a business at 3020 Geer Rd in Turlock (Comtech Enterprises) the subject attempted to break the glass door on the east side of the business.  The subject also appeared to be trying to pick the lock, but was unsuccessful.  The audible alarm was triggered when he tried to break the glass and the subject fled the scene after being unable to gain access.  The incident took approximately 2 minutes.

Suspect Description: White male, 5'8-6'0, goatee, wearing a gray sweater.


Ceres Police are attempting to identify the male subjects pictured here.

On July 7, 09 these subjects burglarized a Blockbuster Video Store in Ceres as captured on video.  If you know the identity of any of these subjects please call.  Suspects are two white males and a black male.


Ceres Police are looking for the male suspect shown here.  On 09/23/2009 an AT&T store was burglarized.  A flat screen TV was taken.

Suspect description:  White male, 20-30years old.  Wearing some type of construction shirt.


In July 2009, the pictured suspect attempted to impersonate the victim at a bank in Merced but was unsuccessful. Shortly after this attempt, he successfully withdrew a large sum from the victim's account in Patterson.

Suspect is a Black male adult, very short hair, medium to heavy build, was wearing an orange t-shirt with "RSI" logo in one incident.


Modesto Police & Stanislaus Sheriff's Dept are investigating a burglary that occurred on 09/29/2009.  In that burglary keys were taken to Rainbow Fields. On 10/05/2009 the suspects burglarized Rainbow Fields.

 Suspect #1, wma 20's wearing purple beanie with yellow and white stripe, blue sweatshirt, jeans. Suspect #2, black beanie, dark blue jacket . If you have any information on their identities please call.


Modesto Police are looking for information on the two suspects shown here. On 09/16/09 between 5:30-8:30pm a vehicle was burglarized @ Pedretti Park in Turlock.  After the burglary the two suspects shown here immediately began using the victim's credit cards. the cards were used at various businesses in Ceres & Modesto.

Suspect Descriptions:  #1:  White female, white sweater and sunglasses.  #2:  White male, white t -shirt, blue jean shorts. Suspect #3:  Hispanic male/heavyset (wearing cross in photo). Female is same in all photos.


Ceres Police are looking for the suspects pictured here who took part in a Robbery @ Wal-Mart Ceres on 09/15/09.  Around 1034PM the suspects entered the store and selected a VIZIO television placing it in a shopping cart.  The female shown (Suspect #2) pushed the cart while one of the males (Suspect #1) walked with her.  They passed all the open cash registers proceeding to the store exit.  They were approached by a 75 year old store employee who asked to see a receipt.  Suspect #1 pushed the employee to the ground injuring him.  Another male was waiting in the vehicle (Suspect #3) drove up to Suspect #1 & 2, putting the television in the vehicle, described as a Gray Ford Van.  The three fled the store parking lot in the van at a high rate of speed.

Descriptions:  Suspect #1:  Light skinned-Hispanic male 25-30, shaved head.  5'08/180, tattoos above both eyebrows. 4 dots above his left eye, and another over right eye. 

Suspect #2:  Hispanic female-25-30, 5'07/250lbs, Black hair, Brown eyes.

Suspect #3:  Hispanic male, 30-40, 5'09-6'00/300lbs with shaved head and large goatee.

Any information on the identities of the suspects shown here please call Crime Stoppers. 


Turlock Police are asking for information on the identity of the two subjects shown here.  Both are suspected of using stolen credit cards at local retail stores in Turlock and the Lodi areas. If you have information as to their identity please call.


Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department is investigating thefts of fuel

from locations on Milnes Rd.  The suspect vehicles shown are described as

#1:  90's Dodge 4x4 Pickup 2door lifted Unknown license plate, with a sticker in the window.  A white male with blonde hair

was the driver.  #2:  A red or brown Ford Extended Cab truck 2 door, 2 wd with 200 gallon plastic tank with metal

enclosure, two unknown description suspects in the vehicle.


On 09/02/2009 an unlocked vehicle was entered with credit cards and misc

property taken.  The females pictured attempted to use one of the stolen credit

cards at the Wal-Mart in Ceres on 09/03/2009. Females are described as a White

Female heavyset (in white t-shirt) and a Light Skinned Black shown in green.  Both were seen leaving in the vehicle

shown possibly a White Geo Tracker. Modesto Police Department is requesting any information on these suspects.


The suspect pictured at left is believed to be responsible in a theft from a convenience store

in Modesto.  He is described as a Hispanic male in his 30's.  Modesto Police are asking for

information as to his identity. 



On 08/25/2009 around 4:05pm a sixty seven year old male victim was purposely ran over while riding his bicycle in the area of Merle Avenue and Dermond Rd., in Modesto.  The suspect vehicle was occupied by 4 Hispanic male adults in their 20's.  After the Victim was hit by the vehicle, 1 suspect stole the victim's wallet containing cash and credit cards (wallet has been   recovered. 

SUSPECT VEHICLE:  Unknown make/model 4 door dark color sedan, ratty condition. License Plate similar to: 6EEP178.  Should have a smashed front windshield caused by victim hitting the windshield. 

If located please contact Crime Stoppers or Modesto Police and advise of vehicle's whereabouts.       


Modesto Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred on  03/26/2009 around 0105 am. The male pictured here, entered a pharmacy store in Modesto.  He jumped the counter, threatened the employee with a weapon and stole prescription narcotics.  He is described as a White male in his 20's.


On 04/03/2009 the male pictured here attempt to rob a bank

in the City of Turlock .Turlock Police describe him as an Hispanic male in

his 20's 5'04-5'09, 150-180lbs, thin build, medium complexion, wearing a raiders hat.


Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is investigating burglaries that occurred on June 26.  vehicles were burglarized at the Oakdale Country Club, 243 N. Stearns Rd, Oakdale. 

The suspect vehicle (pictured here) was seen leaving the parking lot between 7:13 pm & 7:40 pm.  The vehicle is a Jeep Cherokee, gold or tan with large custom wheels.  2 subjects were in the vehicle.


Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department is looking for the two male suspects pictured here. On

07/04/2009 around 8;20 pm the two males attempted to rob the victim while @Yosemite Liquors at 1000 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto. The suspect in the white t shirt produced a handgun from his waist and shot the victim multiple times. 

The suspects were driving a black 1998-2006 Lexus GS300 or GS400 sedan.  Anyone with information on these two suspects can contact Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous.


The woman pictured attempted to transfer/withdraw  money from a victims bank account. She attempted this banks in Turlock and Ceres at the Bank of the West. If  you know the identity of this suspect  please contact Detective Coley at Ceres PD, 538-5616 or Crime Stoppers.


BANK ROBBERYCapture #185

On 06/03/2009 The Guaranty Bank at 3801 Yosemite was robbed. Around 130 pm a  light complected Hispanic or white male adult, 23-30 years, 5’6”-5’8 robbed the bank. The teller thought she saw a shadow of a goatee on the suspects face, “like he just shaved” and described his prominent chin as a “Butt chin.” The robber wore woman’s clothing and flip flops and presented a note during the robbery.


In February 2009  three Hispanic males approached a customer outside a gas station on Monte Vista in Turlock, and demanded his wallet.  One of the males pulled a knife and assaulted the victim. 

The main suspect is described as a Hispanic adult male, approximately 25 years of age, over 6 feet tall, weighing close to 280 pounds, with a shaved head.  He is photographed wearing all white, carrying a plastic bag.  Suspect is wanted for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.  Anyone with information on this case or the suspects photographed, please contact Crime Stoppers.


On 03/17/2009 the female pictured entered a Save Mart Store in Sonora and used a stolen

check to make a purchase.  This same female has used additional stolen checks to make

purchases at Target, and several Wal Marts in the Modesto Area.  (Det. Banks)


Stanislaus Sheriff's detectives are asking for the public's assistance in locating a person of interest in the shooting incident that occurred in the early morning hours of May 3, 2009. Subject of interest is Rosendo Barrera Martinez, 10-10-1990, Hispanic male, 5'8 tall, 160 lbs, black hair, brown eyes.
(see photo)

Shooting occurred shortly after 1:00 AM Sunday morning, 5-3-09, behind the auction yard on Main Street and Pecos Ave. Two male victims were shot; one male victim died 3 days later from his injuries.


On 03/31/09 (Tues)  at approx 1220 hours in the parking lot of Raley’s, 3430 Tully Road an elderly woman was robbed by an unknown male assailant.

The  Suspect is described as a black male adult, 17-20 years, approx 5’5”-5’6”, 160 lbs (described by the victim as “stocky”), last seen wearing black pants and a black hoodie.  One witness described him as possibly having thick “Afro” style hair.  Suspect was last seen running northbound through the alley behind Raley’s.




The Modesto Police Department is looking for information on the male pictured here

at left. 

On March 10, 2009 around 6:45 pm Modesto Police Officers responded to Kerr & Monterey

Avenues to investigate the report of shots fired with a possible shooting victim.

Officers located the victim LUCIO LOPEZ who was pronounced dead at a local hospital.


Suspect is described as an Hispanic Male/5'03-5'05/stocky build/fatty chin/light complexion.


If you know any information on the male pictured here please contact Modesto Police.





On 03/17/2009 unknown suspects vandalized the Beth Shalom Church @

1705 Sherwood Av. Anti-Semitic graffiti was painted on the church and

other locations on the property.  2 male subjects were caught on video

(photos at left). There is a distinctive picture on the back of one of the male

subjects shirts shown here.


The "Anti-Defamation League" has offered an additional reward to this senseless vandalism of up to $2500.00 for the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.  To view live footage of this crime you can go to Fox 40 News @ www.fox40news.com and type in Modesto Synagogue under search engine and view the video of the suspects and the vandalism they committed.



On 03/11/2009 the female and male pictured here used a stolen City of Hughson credit card for purchases a Home Depot in Stanislaus County. The suspected pair charged approximately $7000.00 in merchandise. If you know any of the persons of interest pictured

here (some may have witnessed the crime) please call.





Turlock Police Department is asking for any information on the person and

vehicles shown here. Platt Electric has been the victim of multiple burglaries

occurring to their businesses over the past few months.  Locations of the burglaries are from Woodland to Turlock. If you recognize the vehicle or suspect shown please call.

 PLATT ELECTRIC is offering an additional reward of up to $10,000 for the arrest/conviction of the persons responsible.



Turlock Police Department are investigating a robbery that occurred at a

check cashing store in Turlock.  The two males pictured robbed the store at

gunpoint. These suspects have also been identified as suspects that robbed

Advanced America Check Cashing stores in Madera.


If you know their identity or any information on the robbery please call.





Modesto Police are asking for assistance indentifying the male pictured here.

He is believed to have stolen a wallet from behind a counter @ Wal-Mart

McHenry. He then attempted to use the credit card at another location.







Turlock Police Department is asking for any information regarding an attempted shooting that occurred on 3-21-09 in front of a church on Laurel Ave.  The victim arrived at the church for a morning prayer meeting and was confronted by an unknown/ unidentified male subject wearing a white t-shirt wielding a small handgun.   The victim was fired at 5-6 times .  A witness spotted the shooter running into the back yard in the 300 block of Locust. 



During the evening of Monday, March 2, 2009, a female reported she was walking to her residence from downtown Modesto.  While walking to her residence, she was approached by four adult males in an alley located behind a set of apartments at 1100 block of 7th Street, Modesto.  The female was held down in the alley and forcibly raped by two of the male subjects, while the other two subjects ran from the area.  At this time, a composite sketch of one of the subjects involved in the incident has been completed.  Please contact Modesto Police Detective Sean Dodge at 209-572-9500 or Crime Stoppers if you are able to provide any additional information in regard to this incident.


On 03/17/2009 the male pictured robbed a Quizno's Sandwich Shop in Ceres. He is believed

to also have robbed a Kohl's & Target Stores in Modesto & Riverbank.




Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is asking for information regarding a

Robbery that occurred at the below location.


On 11/14/2008 at 4:30 pm the male pictured at left robbed

the J&M Wholesale Meat @ 2300 Hoover Av, Modesto. 


Anyone with information as to the subject pictures identity

please contact Crime Stoppers. 


On 03/02/2009 approx. 1045am a Modesto Bank was robbed by the male pictured here.

The male demanded money from the teller.  The suspect fled the store on foot.


Suspect description: White of Hispanic, 20's 5'06-160 dark hair/goatee.




Turlock Police are attempting to identify the male pictured here.  He is believed to

have used a stolen credit card fraudulently. 




Detective Banks of the Modesto Police Dept is seeking the identity of the two females pictured

here.  A camera was recovered with photos of the two on it, and it is believed they

may have been victims of a theft or burglary where the camera was taken.


If you know their identity please call.






Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is asking for the publics assistance in identifying

the male pictured here.  He is believe to be the responsible in a commercial

burglary where he used a stolen credit card at a local Target Store.


If you know his identity please call.




On Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at approximately 1534 hours a WMA, 40’s, with red hair and red goatee or beard robbed a Modesto Beauty Salon. The suspect wore a dark colored baseball cap, dark sunglasses, a dark jacket with wide horizontal light gray stripe at about chest level, faded blue jeans and white athletic shoes with blue or dark stripes. The suspect was

armed with a handgun during the robbery.




On Thursday February 5th, 2009 the male (pictured at left) is suspected

or robbing a Modesto Bank.


Modesto Police are asking for any information as to his identity. If you know

who he is please contact Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.




Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is investigating a Robbery that occurred 1-18-09. An unidentified suspect  (pictured) entered the Denair Mart at 4700 Main St in Denair and stole the cash register. The suspect was described as a Black male adult, 20's, 5-06 to 5-08, 180 pounds, black hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and short black hair and brown eyes. He fled in a gold-colored sedan.



On 01/26/2009 around 2215hrs an unknown male entered the Tiger Express

Mini Mart @ 977 S. Yosemite Av, Oakdale and stole the cash register.


Suspect Description:  Hispanic male, 20's, shaved head wearing a black hooded

sweatshirt, black jeans and white shoes.


The suspect was seen arriving in a Late 90's to early 2000's model vehicle, dark

blue in color four door.  Possibly a Plymouth Breeze or similar vehicle with the driver side door primer in color, and a

primer spot on the front driver side door, no front license plate.



On  01-27-2009 at  0600 hours, Honda/Kawasaki had five (5) Honda Generators stolen after a door pry burglary.  Suspects are two males wearing dark clothing in an older Chevy? Pickup light colored with a large dark stripe approx. 12” wide along the lower bottom half.   



Pizza Parlor-Modesto


The male (pictured) robbed a Pizza Parlor at gunpoint.

Suspect described as an Hispanic male, 30-40 years, 5'10/140-160 lbs,

with a black mustache, black shoulder length hair.  He was wearing a

black beanie, black sweatshirt, blue jeans and black shoes.



Yogurt Shop- Modesto


On 01/18/2009 the unidentified male (pictured) robbed a Yogurt Shop at an

undisclosed location in Modesto.  The suspect displayed a handgun and robbed the clerk of cash.

Suspect is described as a White Male, 40's wearing a ski mask and baseball cap, jeans.



Drug Store-Modesto


On 01/15/2009 the male (pictured here) robbed an undisclosed  local Modesto drugstore .

The Suspect simulated a handgun and stole narcotics then fled the store.



Turlock Police are attempting to identify the male pictured here.  He is suspected

in a Fraud/Burglary case in Turlock.




Stanislaus County Sheriff are looking for information for a Robbery that occurred on 01/06/2009.  Suspect

followed the Victim from a convenience store to the victim's residence.  The suspect pushed the victim down

and stole his wallet and contents/cash.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION:  White male 35 years, 5'09/135/short hair, light brown receding hairline. Wearing a black

jacket, black pants, white shirt.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION:  White or crème Jeep Wagon, older model.


Any information for Stanislaus Sheriff please contact Crime Stoppers.




On Saturday, January 10, 2009 the female pictured here robbed the

Bank of America @ 1737 Oakdale Rd, Modesto. She is described a being

African American wearing a baseball hat and oversized jacket.



The male subject pictured here robbed a North Modesto Bank on 01/05/2009 at approx. 12:45 pm.


The male is described as Asian in his 20's. 5'06 with a slim build and a pock marked, acne scarred face.

Suspect was wearing a black beanie cap, gray hooded jacket and blue jeans.



On 01/08/2009 approx. 0941hrs the Hispanic male pictured here robbed the Valley

First Credit Union in downtown Modesto. 

The suspect is described as Hispanic in his 20's,  has a "light" mustache and

"red" above his upper lip like it's chapped.  Suspect was wearing white, possibly

athletic shoes, and jeans. 





Modesto Police are seeking the man pictured believed to be the responsible in a Bank

Robbery occurring on 11/06/2008 @ Guaranty Bank 901 N. Carpenter Rd, Modesto. The

male is described as a light skinned male, 5'06/180-200lbs/with a goatee.  If you have

information on the identify of this Bank Robbery please call Crime Stoppers.





On 11/07/2008 the Suspect pictured at left was in the Rite Aid @ 2401 McHenry Av.

Suspect was confronted by a clerk about stealing items from the store.  The suspect

told the Victim clerk he had a knife touching it to the victims back.

Suspect description:  Hispanic or White male/5'05-5-07/150-170 dark mustache/goatee.




Modesto Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred on 10/05/2008, at approximately 0932 hrs. Oil Can Henry’s located at 120 McHenry was robbed by male subject described as a WMA in his 30’s with Blonde hair, approximately 6-0 tall weighing approximately 160 lbs.  During the robbery the suspect used a 6 “ hunting knife and held the knife to the victim’s neck.  After the incident the suspect fled the area on foot.




Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is asking for any information regarding

Burglaries in the Oakdale Country Club area, 243 N. Stearns Rd, Oakdale.

2 Hispanic males were seen leaving in the pictured vehicle (burgundy in

color) after burglarizing a vehicle at the Country Club.



The Hispanic male and female pictured here are believed to have used the Victim's credit card at a

local Target Store in Modesto. If you know their identities please call.  Go to the website and

click on their photos under UNIDENTIFIED for enlarged photos.


On 07/10/2008 a commercial burglary and vandalism occurred at "Henry's Car Wash" located

at 3321 Atchison Rd, Riverbank.  The responsible forced open a coin machine dispenser taking

approximately $200.00 dollars in money.  A witness described the suspect as a white male adult, 50 years with a

brown or gray beard.  The vehicle was described as a white 90's square body style Ford F150 truck with an

extended cab resembling the one shown here. Any information for Stanislaus Sheriff or Crime Stoppers.


Modesto Police are investigating an attempted abduction of a 13-year-old Prescott Senior Elementary student that allegedly occurred at 8:30 AM today. 

The student said he was in the restroom at Chrysler Park, 2721 Park Avenue, when he was confronted by a man armed with a knife who verbally demanded that the student accompany him to his house.  The student ran home and his parents reported the incident to school administrators.  The man did not touch the student during the incident. suspect is a



MCHENRY AV, Modesto 

On 09/11/2008 around 12pm the  two suspects pictured, approached the tellers simultaneously, demanded money, and told the tellers they had guns. They fled on foot after being provided with an undisclosed amount of cash.  The first patrol officer arrived in the area less than 60 seconds after the 9-1-1 call was placed.  Officers conducted an extensive search of the area, but were unable to locate either of the suspects.  No one was injured in the robbery and no weapons were actually seen.

Both suspects are described as black males in their 20’s, six feet tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds, wearing dark clothing.  One suspect was wearing a dark beanie cap and the other was wearing a dark colored baseball cap. Surveillance video was obtained and snapshots of the video clearly depict the suspects at the time of the robbery. 


On 08/15/2008 the man shown here was caught on tape during a burglary of

Galleto's Restaurant in Modesto.  If you know his identity please call Crime Stoppers.



The female pictured is wanted by Modesto Police for forgery/misuse of a credit card.

She is seen here using the Victim's credit card @ Food Maxx 2020 Briggsmore Av, Modesto.

If you know her identity please contact Modesto Crime Stoppers.


On 08/14/2008 the suspect pictured entered the 7-11 @ 1305 Herndon Rd in Ceres, robbing the store.  The suspect is described as:

Hispanic male/approx. 30 years old/5'06-5-08 170-200lbs. The suspect arrived and was last seen in a silver or gray Dodge Caravan

with sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Keith Griebel, Ceres Police at  538-5627 or Crime Stoppers.


The male pictured at left was caught on video during a commercial burglary

at "Lucky Suds Laundromat" at 2025 Yosemite Blvd on 07/11/2008.  Modesto

Police are asking if you know the identity of the male pictured here  please

contact Crime Stoppers.




On 08-17-2008 an unknown WMA went to Less Swabs 1830 E. Hatch Road Ceres, Ca and stole a white 18’ enclosed cargo trailer.  The trailer has grey with blue pin stripping and aluminum wheels and contained several tools and power tools. The suspect was driving maroon over silver Chevy pickup( pictured) with an extended bed with a chrome tool box and sticker in the rear window.





Turlock Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred on 06/04/2008

at the Quik Stop Market, at North Golden State & Monte Vista in Turlock.

If you know the identity of the male pictured here at left, please notify

Det. Tony Silva, Turlock Police, or call Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.




A 33-year-old mother of two was assaulted this morning on E. Orangeburg Avenue as she was leaving her home for work.  The suspect fled after forcing the victim in her trunk and she was unharmed.

The incident began at about 5:30 am as the victim was driving away from her home to go to work.  As she pulled away from her house, a man approached her car and opened the driver door.  The suspect forced the victim into the back seat.  The victim believed the suspect was going to sexually assault her and she began to struggle. The suspect then forced her into the trunk of the car through the access in the back seat.  The victim waited a few minutes then forced her way out of the trunk through the back seat.  The suspect had fled but had rummaged through the victim’s purse.  The suspect did not take anything and the victim was unharmed. 

The victim described the suspect as a white male wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  The suspect was also wearing dark glasses and athletic gloves similar to batting gloves.  Modesto Police Detectives are working to obtain a composite sketch of the suspect.  Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636. 








On Wednesday June 4, 2008 between 8-9am the Suspect (pictured at left) approached a 12 year old female elementary student on her way to school.  Drove up to the victim, grabbed her hair, and attempted to pull her into his vehicle.  The Victim fought off her attacker, and the suspect fled the scene in a older model mini truck extended cab, long bed, dark blue in color.  Suspect is described as a White or Hispanic male, in his 50's with dark brown or black thinning hair and a dark goatee.  Any information on this case please contact Modesto Police Detective Steven Stanfield @ 209-572-9538 or Crime Stoppers (24 hrs).  





On 5/19/2008 a commercial burglary occurred at the Movie Gallery in Newman.  Multiple video game systems were stolen from the location.  Two suspects were seen running from the gallery.  They are described as:


1. Hispanic male adult.  Approximately 6' and 265 lbs.  Short, shaved hair.


2. White male adult.  Approximately 5'6 and 185 lbs. 


The suspects were seen in a white 4-door Honda type vehicle with a spoiler.


Please contact the Newman Police Department or CrimeStoppers with any information in regards to this crime.






Between 2/14 and 2/27/08, the suspect visited various Target stores in the Modesto area and purchased goods using a stolen credit card.  The suspect was photographed (picture to the right) and is described as:


A male,  6' (or more)/  300 lbs (or more)/  Brown eyes


The suspect's vehicle was photographed (picture to the right) and is described as:


A Tan Mazda with license plate starting with 3XV.




On 02/18/2008 at 0029 hrs, this male (pictured) went to Snyder Mini Storage, 2925 Snyder, Modesto and stole a $1,500.00 security camera off the building.  If you know his identity please call.



On 03/04/2008 at 9:25 pm the Pacific Market @ 131 Colfax Av, Modesto was robbed by 2 armed gunmen.  The gunmen entered the Market forcing customers to the ground where one victim was robbed at gunpoint.  Suspects fled westbound and were gone when Modesto  Police Officers arrived.  The suspect(s) are described as:


 Suspect #1:  Hispanic male, 5'08, 220 lbs, wearing a ski mask, dark hooded sweatshirt, blue shirt and dark jeans.


Suspect #2:  Hispanic male/5'08/220lbs/wearing a ski mask, dark hooded sweatshirt wearing jeans.  Both suspects were armed. 



The female pictured at left is seen depositing counterfeit checks into an account and then withdrawing funds.  The account used to deposit/withdraw funds did not belong to the suspect. (Hat suspect is wearing says NOR CAL on it)



On 01/12/2008 around 12:01 am the business (Sears Roebuck) at 860 N. Yosemite Av in Oakdale was burglarized.  Two unknown males were captured on video during the crime.  Oakdale PD is attempting to locate and identify the person seen here.  The suspects' vehicle, an unknown model Burgundy Chevy or Ford truck, can be seen curbside in the background.



On 12/08/2007 at 1:30 pm a victim reported her wallet stolen. The victim's purse was inside Oakdale Feed & Seed @ 100 N. Yosemite Av.  The suspect pictured here was seen on video surveillance walking out of the store with the wallet in his left hand.



On 11/09/2007 two subjects entered the Rite Aide located @ 1449 East "F" St, in Oakdale. One subject (pictured) ran out of the store with a basket full of items, without paying.  Police recovered surveillance video and are seeking the identity of the person pictured here.


ARMED ROBBERY            

On 12/17/2007 @ 2112 hours the two males pictured went into the AM PM @ 2033 Standiford Av. Modesto. The duo attempted to steal items from the store and when the clerk intervened the duo fired an air soft pistol into the air.



The suspect pictured here is seen removing the video surveillance camera from 1516 Pico Wy, Modesto.

If you know this persons identity contact Crime Stoppers.



On 11/23/07 @ 3:15pm the Victim parked her car at Joseph's Hair Designs @ 3440 McHenry Av.

The Victim left her purse on the front seat for 15 minutes.  The Suspect broke the window, stealing the victim's purse & within 10-15 minutes began withdrawing cash @ the Bank of the West on Pelandale Av. Surveillance video showed the suspect pictured at left.



On 11/22/2007 the victim in this case had his residence and garage entered while he was sleeping.  The suspect took the victim's wallet and began using his credit cards at Walgreen's & Walmart.  The suspect pictured is believed to be the responsible in this burglary. Suspect was able to steal several hundreds of dollars in merchandise at local stores. 


On 11/17/2007 @ 0505 hours an unknown male entered the Discount Liquors @ 2912 Whitemore Av, Ceres.  The suspect stole numerous items including cigarettes.  He fled in a white Ford Expedition.  Another male suspect may have been driving the vehicle.



On 10/07/2007 & 11-12-2007 the males pictured at left are suspected of thefts occurring @ Argus High School in Ceres.



On 11/04/2007 0500 hours a robbery occurred @ the AM/PM Market @ Richland & Hatch Rds in Ceres. The male pictured took cash from the register and threatened the clerk if she called police.  The other male involved is a black male w/a red billed baseball cap and dark hoody sweatshirt.


Kidnapping/Car Jacking

On 10/08/2007 around 9:50 pm a young couple was enjoying an Ice Cream @ a Modesto Park when they were approached by two Hispanic males (pictured at left).  The suspects left returning a few moments later armed with dark semi automatic pistols.  At gunpoint the suspects robbed the male victim of his Nextel Blackberry & the female of her Verizon phone.  The suspects forced both victims into the male victim's 1999 white Chevrolet extended cab Silverado pick-up, CA LIC #7W88433.  (The vehicle has been recovered). The suspect on the left drove around Modesto, finally forcing the victims to exit the pick-up and run into a field near Whitmore & Carpenter Rds.  The male victim said the suspects appeared to be lost, and that one suspect said, "This is how we do it in Oakland."

The suspects pictured are wanted for Kidnapping, Armed Robbery & Car Jacking.



On 10/06/2007 at approximately 12:52 am Oakdale Police responded to a burglary alarm @ 1021 East "F" St, Oakdale.  On arrival the business had been burglarized with numerous items being taken. Also taken was a large amount of  lottery tickets. The suspects are pictured here.




On 09/ 20/ 2007, at approximately 1608 hrs, the Asian male pictured at left  (wearing glasses) entered the Bank of the West located at 1401 Oakdale Rd, Modesto. The suspect demanded money from a bank employee.  After the incident the suspect fled the area on foot.  No vehicle was seen.



Modesto Police are investigating the kidnapping of a 28 year old Riverbank man and a 24 year old Modesto woman. Both were kidnapped at gunpoint while eating ice cream in David Park on 10/ 08/ 2007 around 10pm.

The two victims were approached while sitting in the park eating ice cream after playing tennis.  They were approached by (2) Hispanic males who engaged the victims in conversation.  Shortly after, the suspects both pointed handguns at the victims . The suspects took cash from the woman & forced both of them at gunpoint into the male victim's truck.  One of the suspects got into the driver's eat and began driving the victims around town.  The victims were driven into the country and released after the suspects took money from them.  The suspects drove away in the victims WHITE 1999 CHEVY extended cab truck. CA License #7W88433.  The vehicle has a dent near the right side tire.

Suspect descriptions:  #1:  Hispanic male early 20's 5'06/approx. 135 lbs wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants.

#2:  Hispanic male teens w/acne on his face, 5'07"/130 pounds wearing grey hooded sweatshirt and baggy jeans.

If you know the identity of the suspects or any information on this crime go to our website to leave an anonymous tip or call Crime Stoppers @ 209-521-4636.



Modesto Police detectives are investigating a robbery that occurred October 4, 2007.
The robbery occurred at 2:01 pm at County Bank located at 3508 McHenry Avenue.  After entering the bank, the suspect approached a teller and demanded money. After receiving the money, the suspect fled on foot eastbound on Sylvan Avenue toward the Bridgeford Apartments.

The suspect is described as a black male adult, in his twenties, with long black hair in braids. The suspect wore a black hat, over a doo rag, a black puffy coat, and a black shirt with unknown writing on the front of it. The suspect wore blue denim pants and white shoes. He was described as being clean shaven.



    On 8/19/07 the female in the photo used a stolen check and forged the signature to make a purchase.  She also used a fake ID.  Call Crime Stoppers if you recognize either the female or the male pictured.



The female pictured is suspected of attempting to pass forged checks using a counterfeit driver's license at a local Wells Fargo Bank.  If you know her identity call Crime Stoppers.



On 03/12/2007 at 10:25am the suspect pictured robbed the Jungle Red Salon @ 3430 Tully Rd #58. The suspect is described as a Hispanic Male, 5'08/200lbs/Brown hair with a mustache,  black beanie, black t-shirt & blue jeans armed with a knife.



Vandals flooded a north Modesto neighborhood with vandalism on personal vehicles early Saturday morning July 14th, 2007. The writings and slurs were so abhorrent and degrading that the Modesto Police Department has classified the incident as a hate crime. 


Early today, Modesto Police were called to a Northwest neighborhood in the 3300 and 3400 Block of Sharon Avenue on reports of numerous vandalisms. The suspects used some type of water soluble substance to write racial epithets, slurs, and grossly animated pictures of anatomy on at least nine different cars parked on the street. The cars, which were parked both on the street and in driveways, belonged primarily to victims of different ethnic classes and races including Hispanic, Indian and African-American.


Police believe they all occurred between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. One witness saw three males standing next to one of the victim vehicles at about 2:00 a.m., but could not provide a better description.


Although the vandalism was not permanent on the vehicles, the crime is being classified as a hate crime and will be investigated. State and Federal law provides both criminal and civil violations for anyone found guilty of this type of crime.



On 05/10/2007 the female pictured at left went a Bank of America  Modesto and fraudulently withdrew funds from the Victim's money market account. Suspect Description:  Female/5'02-5'04"/140lbs/Brown hair.


On Saturday,06-02-2007 the male suspect (pictured) represented himself as a prominent business man from Los Angeles at a Washington Mutual Bank in Modesto.  The suspect had a fake California driver's license and credit cards with the victim's name on them. The suspect knew the victim's SSN and other personal info. The suspect requested the money from the victim's platinum account. The suspect took an official check for $9,700.00 claiming that was the victim's landlord. He took a $3,000.00 official check for himself in the victim's name, and $5,000.00 cash. On 06-04-2007 the suspect tried to cash the $3,000.00 check at another Modesto Washington Mutual branch. As soon as the teller became suspicious the suspect left the bank and drove away in a newer BMW X5 SUV, dark green.


BANK ROBBERY                

Modesto Police Detectives are investigating two robberies that occurred today at separate Bank of the West branches.   

The first robbery occurred June 05, 2007 at 1:20 pm at Bank of the West located at 1401 Oakdale Road, Modesto. A middle aged Latino, heavy set, with long brown hair and a bushy mustache walked into the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money.  The suspect left the bank with the money and was last seen in the parking lot on foot.  Witnesses said he was about 5’7” to 5’10” tall and was wearing a baseball hat with a jacket.  Bank surveillance photos of the suspect are attached. 

The second robbery occurred June 05, 2007 at 4:30 pm at the Bank of the West located at 901 H Street Modesto.  A white male in his 60’s, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, a dirty grey baseball hat and brown pants entered the bank and gave the teller a note demanding money.  The suspect put the money in a bag and walked out of the store.  He was last seen running south across H Street.  Witnesses described the suspect as clean shaven, about 5’6” tall with a medium build.  A bank surveillance photo was unavailable at the time of this release. 




On 04/22/2007 a female suspect went to Mar Val Market in Ripon and passed several stolen checks, from the account of a Victim in Modesto. 

If you know the identity of the female suspect pictured at left please call.



Police are investigating a theft that occurred 5/24/2007 involving a woman who was promised a $20,000 diamond in exchange for the money in her purse.

The 51-year-old Modesto woman was walking on McHenry near Floyd Avenue in Modesto yesterday at about 12:30 pm when she was approached by a male and a female asking for directions.  The female suspect then took what appeared to be a large diamond out of her purse.  The suspect told the victim the diamond was her fathers and was worth about $20,000.  The suspect told the woman she would give the diamond to her for whatever amount of money the victim had with her. 

 The suspects then offered to drive the victim home in order to get more money.  The victim brought the two suspects to her home.  The suspects followed the victim to her bedroom where she was able to retrieve $300 she had saved.  The victim gave the money to the female suspect.  The male suspect then grabbed some jewelry that was on top of a dresser and fled out the door.  The female suspect told the victim that someone would be by later to give the victim $20,000 for the diamond.  The female then fled.  When no one came to the victim’s house she decided to call police.  The victim estimates her stolen jewelry at about $3,000.

 The two suspects are described as Latino.  The female is in her 50’s with brown hair and brown eyes, 5’0” tall, 115 lbs, wearing a grey sweater and grey pants.  The male is in his 30’s with brown hair and brown eyes, 6’2” tall, 210 lbs, wearing black pants and a blue shirt with a red tie.



In the past several months security cameras have been stolen in the Northeast Areas of Modesto.

This includes both residential & commercial properties.  Modesto Police are attempting to identity the responsible for these thefts.

Daniel JACKSON  White male/6'03/190/Brown hair/Blue Eyes. DOB: 01/20/1969.  Last Known Address:  1617 Maze, Modesto.  If you know the location of the person pictured here please contact Crime Stoppers with the information.



On 01/13/2007 the subject pictured at left cashed a counterfeit check at the Stop N Shop @ 1914 Crowslanding Road in the amount of $455.68.  On 01/14/2007 the subject returned to cash a similar check presenting the clerk with a California Driver's License.  The clerk refused to cash the check and the subject left the store, leaving behind the counterfeit check and driver's license. 

Suspect Description:  White male, 30-35years, 5'10/175lbs/Brown hair & eyes.  If you have any information on the identity of the male pictured please contact Crime Stoppers.


On 01-30-2007, a 51-year-old, Hispanic male, that speaks only Spanish, was approached in a large Modesto Department Store (Wal-Mart-Modesto) by two Hispanic males in their 30's. The suspects convinced the victim that the of the two of them had a winning Super Lotto ticket worth in excess of $500,000. The suspects told the victim that they could not cash it in because one of them was an illegal alien. The two suspects convinced the victim that they would need some cash to pay the taxes on the winnings.  The suspects convinced the victim to take a cash advance on his credit card to pay the taxes and in exchange for his cooperation he would get a portion of the winnings.





Tellers from Guaranty Bank located at 3013 McHenry Avenue in Modesto called police at 10:13 am reporting they had been robbed by a man who passed a note demanding money.  The suspect is described as a white male adult in his 40’s with light brown hair and acne scars on his face.  He is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs approximately 160 pounds, and was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, sunglasses, and a black baseball hat.  The suspect left the bank and was last seen walking north through the parking lot.


Modesto Police Detective Jon Evers is investigating the robbery.  “This does not appear to be related to the Citi Bank robbery that occurred on Tuesday,” he said.  A suspect using a white cane and pretending to be visually impaired robbed Citi Bank, located at 2929 McHenry Avenue, on the evening of November 14th.  “All the information we have collected, including witness statements and suspect descriptions, indicates these are two unrelated crimes,” Evers said of the investigation. 

BANK ROBBERY                      


CitiBank @ 2929 McHenry Av was robbed Tuesday evening by a male suspect who was wearing dark glasses and used a white cane.


The suspect entered the bank just before 5:00 pm and used a note to commit the robbery.  Witnesses saw the suspect in the parking lot walking toward the bank. He was using a white cane, commonly used by people who are visually impaired, and appeared to stumble and bump into parked cars.  Once inside the bank, the suspect waited in line and approached a teller.  The suspect said nothing to the teller and handed her a robbery note.  He then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money, still using the white cane.  He was last seen walking westbound away from the bank.


The suspect is described as a male with dark complexion, mid 30’s, 5 foot 9 inches tall, medium build, brown hair with a close cut beard, and was last seen wearing a dark-colored baseball hat, light-colored long sleeve dress shirt, over a white crew neck T-shirt, blue jean shorts to the knees, white socks and shoes, dark glasses, and carrying his white cane


“Based on the suspect’s actions, we do not believe he is visually impaired,” said Modesto Police Detective Dodge Hendee who is handling the investigation.  “It appears this was just an act to somehow try and avoid getting caught,” he said. 


ARMED ROBBERY                              

On Monday 10/23/06 approx. 2:42 pm, (2) suspects male/female robbed the Cricket Store located at 2900 Standiford Ave. #18 Modesto.  Photos and descriptions  of the (2) suspects appear below. 

# 1:   White male adult, 20's, brown / blue / 6-00 / 160

        blue bandana, grey beanie , grey shirt with red / white stripe, blue jeans 

# 2:  Hispanic female adult, 20's, black / unk / 5-4 / 160-180

        blue bandana, black shirt , black jeans









GRAND THEFT                      

On 1-13-2006 a 51 year old female victim was shopping at Wal-Mart-2225 Plaza Parkway, Modesto when she was approached by (2) suspects. She was convinced by suspects to withdraw $12,000.00 from her bank to purchase 2 fraudulent gold bars. If you know the identity of the suspect shown below please contact Crime Stoppers.


ARMED ROBBERY                     

Suspect 25-30 years male 5'07/165/Black hair/Brown eyes

Vehicle:  01 Acura 4door beige License similar to #5SBX956.

This suspect has committed 6 bank robberies between Sacramento & Modesto.  Suspect waits in line, approaches teller and advises teller "it's a robbery" and demands money. The suspect has displayed a handgun during some of the robberies.