Investigative Services Division

Computer Forensics Unit

In the early 1990's law enforcement agencies around the world were receiving cases and investigations involving computers, computer systems, computer evidence, and the Internet. Law Enforcement Forensics Labs were not equipped to handle this new type of evidence now generally called "digital evidence" and "high technology crime evidence." Law enforcement officers from all levels of government, mobilized with training, equipment, tactics and strategies for handling the growing number of cases involving high technology crime and evidence.

In the year 2000, the efforts by law enforcement in this area, with the number of high technology crime cases growing beyond all expectations, have developed into a new police science, called "Computer Forensics." The personnel involved with high technology crimes are generally called Computer Forensic Investigators, and are commonly law enforcement officers at local, state, and federal levels highly trained in computer evidence processing. Computer Forensics
The Modesto Police has a computer forensics investigative unit and is the leader in Computer Forensics in the Central Valley. With a computer forensics lab and an investigator, many high technology cases have been solved for the Modesto Police and other nearby agencies who have received assistance and training from MPD's Computer Forensics Unit. Growth of this unit is expected with more software and hardware, and investigators to help combat and prevent high technology crimes.

The Modesto Police Department, to complete the efforts in solving and preventing high technology crimes, is sponsoring the Central Valley High Technology Crime Investigation Association, a local chapter of HTCIA International at Law Enforcement computer professionals and private sector computer professionals are welcome to join in this effort with a internationally recognized association partnership between computer professionals in the private and law enforcement sector. If you meet the membership criteria of computer professionalism then joining this association will enhance your skills, knowledge, and efforts in the growing problem of computer crime and computer crime prevention. Call the Modesto Police Department at (209) 342-9119 for more details or check the local web site at