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Investigative Services Division

Hi-Tech Unit

In the early 1990's law enforcement agencies around the world began investigating crimes involving computers, computer systems, computer evidence, and the Internet.  At the time, Law Enforcement was not equipped to handle these types of investigations.  Law enforcement agencies from all levels of government, mobilized with training, equipment, tactics and strategies for handling the growing number of cases involving digital evidence.

Today, almost all investigations have some type of digital evidence.  The Modesto Police Department realized the need to investigate crimes involving technology and created a computer forensics lab with one dedicated detective.  The Hi-Tech Unit is responsible for investigating all computer and internet related crimes which occur in the city limits of Modesto.  Growth of this unit is expected to occur in the near future to help combat and prevent computer crimes.        

In addition to investigating computer related crimes, the Hi-Tech Unit also helps the other units assigned to Investigation Services Division with the technology components of their cases.  For further information on the Hi-Tech Unit or computer related crimes, contact (209) 572-9551.