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Investigative Services Division

Missing Persons Unit

  • To file a report on high risk individuals such as young children, mentally disabled, the elderly, and/or suspicious circumstances please contact Modesto Police Department’s Dispatch Center at (209) 552-2470.
  • To file a report on habitual runaways or runaways 16 years or older contact Modesto Police Department’s Telephone Reporting Unit at (209) 572-9573 or (209) 572-9574.

If a report is filed, you will be contacted by the Missing Persons CSO for follow-up investigation. Any questions can be directed to the Missing Persons CSO at (209)572-9532.

Missing Persons
The persons pictured below are missing from the City of Modesto. Their families are worried and want them home and safe as soon as possible. Please study the photos carefully and report any sightings or information to Modesto Police at (209)572-9532 or (209)572-9500.
Derran Conway Rogers Corinne Groenenberg
Missing since 2-27-1973 Missing since 11-1-1973
Derran Conway Rogers
DOB 8-30-1959
Corinne Groenenberg
DOB 10-14-1957
Rogers left for school on 2-27-73 and has never returned. A family friend saw Corinne leave her home and followed her until she reached the highway and started to hitchhike. She was last seen getting into a green or blue truck. The driver was male. Corinne's family has kept their old home in the Compton area so that if she ever returned, she would be able to locate her family.
Mary Louise Watkins Norman DeVore
Missing since 5-17-1979 Missing since 3-29-1981
Mary Louise Watkins
DOB 4-20-1925
Norman DeVore
DOB 8-7-1953
Mary was last seen by a friend. Her disappearance is suspicious since she gave several friends different stories as to why she was going out of town. Norman was last seen at his home on 3-29-1981 at 11:30 p.m.
Ruth Ann Leamon Susan Robin Bender
Missing since 8-19-1982 Missing since 4-25-1986
Ruth Ann Leamon
DOB 2-25-1966
Susan Robin Bender
DOB 11-27-1970
The day Ruth Ann disappeared, she had become acquainted with two men in their thirties. She made plans to meet them later in the evening hours. She was last seen leaving home at 8:45 p.m., telling her guardian she was going to the store for a Coke. She never returned. Both of the males were questioned and denied any involvement in or knowledge of her disappearance. The photo on the right has been age enhanced to show what Ruth Ann might look like today. Susan was last seen getting into a green van outside the bus depot. A potential suspect was interviewed but denied involvement.
We have information indicating the Susan may have been the victim of foul play, however, no evidence has ever been recovered.
Sylvia Standley
aka Sylvia Baca
Maria Dolores Pacheco
aka Maria Dolores Rosales
Missing since 6-3-1986 Missing since 7-8-1996
Sylvia Standly
DOB 2-25-1966
Maria Dolores Pacheco
DOB 11-27-1970
Sylvia disappeared from the downtown area. She called her family on 6-6-1986 to let them know she would be home later in the day, however, she never returned. She was last seen getting into a green or blue truck. Maria and her husband were separated. Maria opened a bank account with cash two days prior to her disappearance. She failed to show up for work and has never picked up her paycheck. Her vehicle was recovered abandoned a few blocks away from where she was reportedly last seen. Her identification was also recovered.
Rebekah Miller Evelyn Jones
Missing since 10-15-2002 Missing since 12-5-2002
Rebekah Miller
DOB 2-14-1969
Evelyn Jones
DOB 9-16-1957
Rebekah was last seen in the area of 840 Oakdale Road, going through a dumpster. She was wearing white shorts, a white t-shirt and black tennis shoes. She has a double heart tattoo on the right side of her back, shoulder area. Her bike and backpacks were located next to the dumpster. Her family has not heard from her and say that it is very unusual. Family last heard from Evelyn in September of 2001. She was not reported missing until 12-5-2002. Records show that Evelyn lived in the Airport area of Modesto during the early part of this year but she has not been there for several months. A source indicated that she was last seen in October at Fourth Street Park in Modesto.
Mario Ernesto Avalos
Missing since 11-16-2005
Mario Ernesto Avalos
DOB 8-04-1994
Mario was last seen at his school, James Marshall Elementary, preparing to leave on a field trip. He told a school friend that he was going to meet his dad in the park to leave for Mexico instead. Jorge Buenrostro Rodriguez Avalos (aka Steven Rodriguez)is a Mexican citizen. Mother has sole custody of Mario. Dad believed to be headed for Jalisco, Cojumatlan and/or Michocan, Mexico.

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