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Investigative Services Division

Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (StanCATT)

The Modesto Police Department implements two detectives to investigate auto theft. They conduct follow up investigation, provide training, and assist patrol officers with auto theft related matters. They work closely with the Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (Stan CATT), and attend weekly meetings with them.

The Modesto Police Department utilizes traditional proven tactics to combat auto theft, as well as new ideas to try and decrease the problem. In December 2013 the Modest City Council passed the municipal code series (MMC) 3-13.01 through 3-13.04. These codes make it mandatory for any business with the city of Modesto to install a "Kill Switch" in any vehicle they sell to the public that is on the National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NICB) list of top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in California. Detectives went to all the businesses to educate them on the ordinance, and enforcement will begin in October 2014.

Computer Forensics

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