Investigative Services Division

Special Vitctims Unit

The Special Victims Unit was developed in late 2000 and is responsible for the investigation of all crimes involving elder abuse, domestic violence, sex crimes, crimes against children and the sexual offender registration program. The warrant extradition officers are also assigned to this unit.

This unit is comprised of one Sergeant, six Detectives, one Police Officer, two extradition Officers, one Community Service Officer and one Police Clerk. Special Vitctims Unit
The unit is very active in working to prevent elder abuse. Members of the unit are involved in several committees of the Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance in order to prevent elder abuse and keep senior issues at the forefront in the community. The domestic violence investigator diligently works to investigate and prosecute domestic violence cases. He works closely with the District Attorney's office, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the Stanislaus Haven Women's Center.

A Community Service Officer and an Officer coordinate the sexual offender registration program. There are over 1,400 sexual offenders who are required to register in Stanislaus County. Over 550 of these live in the city limits of Modesto. We are proud of the fact that we have a 90% compliance rate. They also coordinate the update and release of sexual offender registration information to the public through use of the Megan's Law computer.