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Stanislaus Regional 9-1-1/Joint Powers Agreement

Stanislaus 911 Regional Captain Lucian Thomas

Stanislaus Regional 9-1-1 is a consolidated dispatch center operated jointly by the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County. The center is managed by a Director, a Modesto Police Captain and a Deputy Director, a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Lieutenant. There are 40 emergency dispatchers, 6 call takers, 4 shift managers, and 11support staff. Emergency dispatch services are provided for the City of Modesto Police and Fire Departments; Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff Contract Cities of Patterson, Riverbank, Waterford and Hughson. Emergency dispatch services are also provided for the City of Newman Police Department, City of Ceres Fire Department, City of Oakdale Fire Department and 14 fire districts. Approximately 500,000 calls a year are answered in the dispatch center and 250,000 of those calls are 9-1-1 calls. There were 43,014 fire events and 330,000 law events processed and dispatched last year.

Captain Lucian Thomas