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Division & Units

Support Division

The Support Division consists of two main areas; Administrative Services and Support Services.  The Administrative Services section includes Animal Control, Parking Enforcement, Franchise Tow Services, Property and Evidence, Information Technology, Building Services, Records, Court Services, and the Telephone Report Unit.  The Support Services section includes Juveniles Programs such as PAL, Wake-Up and Diversion, Training, and the Tactical Training Center.

Since 2008, we have seen significant changes to several of our programs.  We have made major upgrades to our Property and Evidence facility and have also increased the size of our Parking Enforcement Team in order to address the many community concerns over parking.  Although there has been a substantial reorganization of our Police Activities League, we continue to be a presence in the daily lives of our community youth. 

Our Records Unit processes a colossal amount of reports, phone calls, and walk-in traffic.  In addition, our Training Unit ensures that we adhere to all state and federal training mandates for over 300 employees.  Our Tactical Training Center provides firearms training to officers throughout the county.  This state of the art facility will also be home to equestrian and K-9 training areas.  Often, the Support Division is referred to as the business and logistical side of the police department.  We ensure the department's 251 computers continue to operate, the thousands of police reports are processed for court, the multitude of court subpoenas are processed efficiently, and that all our employees receive paychecks.  We work closely with Personnel in the hiring process and ensure complete background checks are conducted on all potential hires.  The department could not function without the dedication and commitment of the employees assigned to the Support Division.

Captain Andy Schlenker