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Support Division

Permits Information

The Modesto Police Department regulates and issues permits for specific types of events and various employment permits. Permit applications for events are available at the Modesto Police Department, 600 10th Street, Modesto, CA or online.

Permits available specifically for outdoor events are Street Closure Permits, Sound Amplification Permits, Parade Permits, Searchlight Permits, RV Temporary Parking Permits, Carnivals and Daily Dance Permits. Permit applications should be submitted to the Modesto Police Department at least 30 days in advance of the event and no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date with the exception of parade permits which require submission 60 days in advance. The months of May through September are a busy time for larger special events, especially outdoor events. It is recommended your event coordinator contact the Modesto Police Department to file the necessary permit application(s) as soon as the event date is known.

Modesto Police Department requires evidence of liability insurance for street closure requests on high volume traveled streets or large public special events, naming the City of Modesto as an additional insured. Applicants will be advised of the requirement at the time of permit application if applicable.

Modesto Police Department works closely with DID (Downtown Improvement District).  Any street closure request in the Modesto downtown area requires a minimum 66% approval of those businesses directly impacted by a street closure. All other street closure requests requires sign-off approval by those residents or businesses directly affected by a street closure along with securing, setting up and removing barricades.

The Modesto Police Department regulates employment permits and licensing for bingo, fortune telling, taxi drivers, amusement machines and the adult entertainment business. Fingerprinting and background investigations are required and the lead time once applications are submitted is dependent on the length of the individual's background investigation.  Turnaround time is difficult to estimate, however it is not unrealistic to expect a four to 12 week processing time to issue approved permits.

For further information, please contact at (209) 572-9679.