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Support Division

Training Unit

The Modesto Police Department Training Unit coordinates and facilitates all mandated training requirements for all of its employees. The majority of the mandated training is required by POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training). There is also mandated City of Modesto training, accreditation mandates, and Federal mandates to comply with. POST is the state agency that oversees all California law enforcement agencies and monitors them for compliance through audits and other means.

The Training Unit is responsible for overseeing career development, and coordinating both in-house and external training classes. We have a 100 seat theater where most of our in-house classes are held. Many law enforcement partners throughout the state frequently attend the courses put on here. The unit also maintains training documentation for all employees.  The unit also coordinates the new hire orientation process of new employees, and also monitors and mentors recruit police officers attending police academies. The unit also coordinates four series of training days for employees each year. The unit is supervised by the Training Unit Sergeant, with input from the Support Division Lieutenant and Captain. The unit is staffed with a full-time police clerk, and several part-time retired police officers assisting in the coordination of activities the unit is responsible for.

The following classes are only some that the Training Unit has provided:

         Basic Traffic Collision Investigation

         Advanced Traffic Investigation Courses

         Interview and Interrogations

         Drug Influence - 11550 HS

         DUI Detection Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

         DOJ Breath Testing Machine Certification

         TASER Training

         Active Shooter Response

         Alcohol Beverage Control Courses

         Department of Justice Courses

         Domestic Violence Classes

         Search Warrants

         Crisis Intervention Training

With the outstanding efforts of the members of this unit, the Modesto Police Department is proud that the quality of its employees and the training they receive rates among the best in the nation!


The Modesto Police Department Training Unit coordinates and facilitates the Intern Program. The police department has an agreement with CSU-Stanislaus for Criminal Justice majors to take part in our intern program (unpaid), to get hands-on experience working in a police agency, and to also earn college credits for the hours they put in. On occasion, we open up the intern program to others seeking to learn more about the police department and to gain valuable experience for future employment outside of the agreement with CSU-Stanislaus. The police department also has an adult volunteer program separate from the intern program.


The Modesto Police Department Training Unit coordinates our recruitment efforts in seeking qualified, exemplary police officer candidates. The Recruitment Team consists of several members who travel throughout the state to colleges, job fairs, and police academies, putting on presentations highlighting the police department and the opportunities we have here.

 School Police Officers

The Modesto Police Department Training Unit Sergeant supervises the School Police Officers Unit. The police department has a contract with Modesto City Schools to provide police officers for their district. Primarily, the school officers spend their time at the area high schools, but also handle matters at junior highs and elementary schools in the district. This collaboration benefits both the police department and the schools. By having officers dedicated to the school district, they are able to know the issues that are going on and handle them swiftly. The majority of the time, this alleviates patrol offices from having to respond and spend time at the school sites, and can spend time handling other pressing matters in the community.