Support Division

Training Unit

The Modesto Police Training Unit is one of the smallest specialized units of the department. It provides all federal, state, and local mandated training, in addition to all other training needs determined by the Chief of Police. The unit is responsible for handling recruitment and testing, career development, both in-house and external training classes, promotional testing and training documentation for all employees, as well as assisting outside organizations in their pursuit for professional training. The Training Unit Sergeant is responsible for implementation based on the needs of the department and the Department Training Plan, along with input from the Training Lieutenant and Division Captains. The process of getting the employees to schools, monitoring their progress and documenting the training is extremely time consuming.

Most P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) approved classes at the Modesto Police Department are coordinated by Retired Officer and Training Coordinator Craig Mutoza.

    The following classes are only some that the Training Unit has provided:
  • IACP Leadership in Police Organizations
  • Street Crimes Investigation
  • Basic Traffic Collision Investigation
  • Interview and Interrogations
  • Drug Influence - 11550 HS
  • DUI Detection – Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Basic School Resource Officer

In addition to these in-house courses, the unit coordinates and conducts several Citizens’ Academies each year. These consist of the Basic, Advanced, Youth and Spanish Citizens’ Academies. Though the Training Unit is small, these seven individuals collaborate to provide in-house training days four times per year, as well as outside school attendance for over 400 employees in every division, position and assignment in the department. With the outstanding efforts of the members of this unit, the Modesto Police Department is proud that the quality of its employees rates among the best in the nation!