Support Division

Youth Services Unit

The WAKE-UP Program

WAKE-UP is an intervention/prevention program for parents and their at-risk youth, ages 11-17 years old. The program is coordinated through the Youth Services Unit, and is facilitated by a Modesto Police Department Officer. The nine class sessions consist of presentations by people in specialized fields, who will discuss a variety of topics, and an all day field trip to a California State prison. The classes are held once a week, in the evening, for two  and a half hours. For more information regarding this program please call (209) 572-9873.

Modesto Police P.A.L. Police Activities League

Modesto P.AL. is an important link between the Modesto Police Department and the youth in our community. P.A.L. is based on the conviction that young people can resist drugs and gangs by developing strong, positive attitudes, and by learning there are alternatives to negative peer pressure. P.A.L. brings kids 7 to 18 years old and police officers together through organized sports, leisure activities and educational programs. Modesto P.A.L. is funded totally by donations, and 100% of all donations go to support the programs and activities. MODESTO P.A.L. DOES NOT USE TELEPHONE SOLICITATIONS TO OBTAIN ITS FUNDS. Some of the sports offered are boxing, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Modesto Police Department Diversion Program

Diversion is a program for first time youth offenders which is designed to assign realistic and measurable consequences, to provide counseling and education to the offender and their parent(s) on how to prevent further offenses from occurring, and to discuss what the consequences will be if the child does re-offend. The intent of the program is to help kids stay out of the main stream judicial system through directives, counseling and education.   

Modesto School Safety Patrol

The Modesto School Safety Patrol (SSP) is to help elementary students cross the street safely.  The Modesto School Safety Patrol started in 1928 with 1 school and 1 student and now works with 36 elementary schools with a total of 1,500 student members.  The SSP officer has a meeting with each school safety patrol twice throughout the school year.  The meeting consists of the SSP officer training the members in a specific routine, addressing safety concerns, motivating, supporting and encouraging the members.  The SSP officer also does unannounced observations of the students while they are working on the street.  The officer’s observations are then discussed with the student members at the meeting.  An end of the year parade and review is coordinated by the SSP officer at John Thurman Field where awards and prizes are presented to the schools and individual members.

For more information call: (209) 572-9873.

W.A.K.E.U.P Brochure (PDF)

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