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Homeland Security

The City of Modesto Police and Fire Departments want to make sure our citizens are informed and prepared for any emergency that may occur within our City due to homeland security issues. We are encouraging the public to talk with their families and have specific plans in case the National threat level is elevated to red. We also wish to inform the public of the initial response by police and fire department's in case of war or a significant terrorist event. Critical Incident Team

Should the President of the United States upgrade the Country's threat level to alert status "Red," or in the event of war or an act of terrorism on American soil, the Police and Fire Departments will ensure an appropriate measured response and allocation of resources should the situation warrant. The citizens of our community need to be assured that their Police and Fire Departments are prepared to respond.

However, unless a specific, credible threat to our community is conveyed, the citizens should expect the City of Modesto and all City services to remain "open" and available to assist the public. Our citizens should also be reminded that in the event of war, an act of terrorism, or an upgrade in the alert status, they should refrain from calling 911 unless of a true emergency and refrain from unnecessarily tying up phone lines.

In the event of a credible threat to our community, the Police and Fire Departments will assess appropriate response to the threat and/or situation. The Police and Fire Departments will continue their contacts with other government agencies as well as our community groups. As of this time, we know of no credible threats to our area.

Citizens should make every effort to go on about their normal daily lives. Citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activities to the Police Department.

Our community is one that is very diverse. The Police Department will take a zero-tolerance approach to any crimes which victimize individuals from diverse cultures and/or religious backgrounds.

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